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Faith Guitars

From the guitar Luthier Patrick James Eggle, Faith guitars were founded in 2002 along with a small team of selected guitar experts all from the UK, based in Shropshire.
The team only use the finest selection of woods and hardware, manufactured in only the highest quality factories in Indonesia with final setup and QC made at the head quarters in the UK. The Indonesian factory was selected from a short list of only the finest manufactors, with the final decission to use a small, but highly skilled family run buisness. 
The woods are selected from around the world and shipped to the factory for building.
Patrick says:"My approach to building guitars could easily be described as obsessive. My life has been driven by guitars of all types since I was a young boy, and having built my first instrument at the age of 15, I have been refining the design ever since
"Much like a sculptor or material artist, I start with a clear picture of the end result. Then I choose the appropriate tonewoods, bracing pattern and touch-point materials, and can set about the process of shaping these raw materials into both a playable and desirable instrument."
"Whether it’s one of my own UK-built PJE guitars or one of my Faith designs, my goal is the same: the creation of an instrument that is both highly desirable and highly functional. A piece that would be as visually effective when silent as it would be sonically when in the hands of a skilled musician.
If you are looking for your first beginners guitar or for that special "once in a lifetime purchase", here at MusicStreet we will listen to you and try to meet all of your exacting requirements ensuring a pleasurable experience from start to receiving your new guitar. For the newcomer to the exciting world of guitars and music, we can offer you advice from our in store team who together have a wealth of experience either in the music industry, music retail or as social players and we will be glad to offer advice - don't be afraid to ask!
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