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Cor-Tek is a global instrument manufacturer that produces and exports more than one million guitars and 300,000 amplifiers per year worldwide. Based on the technology and experience it has accumulated, its own guitar brand Cort was launched and became a highly sought-after name in the global instrument market for its high quality and excellent design.

Cort guitars are built in the state-of-the-art production facilities in Indonesia and China, based on professional knowledge and experience from our builders. In order to maintain Cort’s core ability for guitar building, we introduced careful wood selection standards, wood drying facilities, advanced CNC equipment and painting processes at an early date, and we continue to invest heavily in the development of facilities and human resources. Cort is committed to making great guitars, offering a more reasonable and diverse price range for various types of players. We have a variety of electric guitars from top brands for you to explore. We're proud of our collection of acoustic guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Cort acoustic guitars stand out?

Cort acoustic guitars are renowned for their excellent build quality, affordability, and versatile sound. Ideal for both beginners and experienced players, Cort guitars offer a wide range of models, from traditional designs to innovative modern styles, ensuring there's a Cort guitar to suit every musician's taste.

2. Are Cort acoustic guitars UK widely available?

Yes, Cort acoustic guitars UK are widely available and can be found at Musicstreet, one of the best guitar shops in the UK. Musicstreet offers a variety of Cort acoustic models, catering to players across the UK looking for quality guitars at competitive prices.

3. How does an Acoustic Guitar from Cort compare to an Electric Guitar?

A Cort Acoustic Guitar produces sound through its hollow body and is typically used for genres like folk, country, and singer-songwriter music. In contrast, an Electric Guitar requires an amplifier to produce sound and is suited for genres like rock, jazz, and blues, offering a wider range of sounds through the use of electronic effects.

4. Can I find a Cort guitar suitable for playing classical music?

While Cort acoustic guitars are primarily steel-stringed and designed for a broad spectrum of music, those interested in playing classical music might explore Cort's range of nylon-stringed models, which offer a softer tone and feel, similar to traditional Classical guitars.

5. Why is Musicstreet considered one of the best guitar shops in the UK for Cort guitars?

Musicstreet is known as one of the best guitar shops in the UK due to its extensive selection of guitars, including Cort acoustic guitars, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to customer service. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, Musicstreet provides expert advice and a friendly atmosphere to help you find the perfect Cort guitar for your musical journey.