Ed Sheeran Lowden guitar

Sheeran by Lowden


As an instrument is personal to both player and maker, the guitar has a way of bringing the two together with sometimes surprising results. Being a small, family-run business has allowed George Lowden to enjoy personal friendships with those who play his guitars, listening to their feedback to further his designs.
 When Ed told Gary Lightbody (frontman for Irish band Snow Patrol) that he wanted a Lowden guitar, Gary gave him his own original Lowden – an authentic Bushmills® from 2012 which Ed used to write five songs for his number one album ‘X’ (Multiply). Gary asked George if he would make a guitar for him to give Ed as a present. George developed a unique small guitar for Ed that later became a new model of Lowden Guitars – ‘The Wee Lowden’. George and Ed’s friendship developed further from their shared dream to give young, aspiring players access to a quality guitar; encouraging them to learn, progress and create music. From here, Sheeran by Lowden was born. Check out our diverse selection of electric guitars from leading brands. Our acoustic guitar collection is one of our proudest offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a Sheeran acoustic guitar stand out?

A Sheeran acoustic guitar stands out due to its association with Ed Sheeran and its design tailored for a blend of playability, portability, and rich acoustic sound. These guitars are crafted to suit musicians who seek the quality and comfort necessary for both studio recordings and live performances.

2. Can I find an Ed Sheeran acoustic electric guitar at Musicstreet?

Yes, Musicstreet, known as one of the best guitar shops in the UK, offers a selection of Ed Sheeran acoustic electric guitars. These versatile instruments combine the natural sound of an acoustic guitar with the amplification capabilities of an electric, ideal for gigging musicians and Ed Sheeran fans.

3. How does an acoustic-electric guitar differ from a traditional Electric Guitar?

An Ed Sheeran acoustic electric guitar differs from a traditional Electric Guitar in that it provides the warm, resonant tones of an acoustic guitar with the added benefit of electric amplification, allowing for greater sound control during live performances. In contrast, an electric guitar is designed primarily for amplified sound, offering a wider range of tones suitable for various music genres.

4. Are Sheeran guitars suitable for beginners interested in Acoustic Guitar playing?

Yes, Sheeran acoustic guitars are suitable for beginners due to their comfortable size, easy playability, and quality sound. These guitars are designed to inspire and support new players on their musical journey, making them an excellent choice for those starting with Acoustic Guitar playing.

5. Does Musicstreet offer other types of guitars, such as Classical guitar or Bass Guitar?

While Musicstreet specializes in a wide range of guitars, including Sheeran acoustic guitars and Ed Sheeran acoustic-electric guitars, they also offer an assortment of Classical guitars and Bass Guitars. Whether you're a fan of Ed Sheeran or seeking a different type of guitar, Musicstreet provides a diverse selection to cater to all musicians.