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Guitar Straps UK

MusicStreet, the UK's leading Guitar Shop with the most extensive range of guitar straps available online, Righton, Levys, DSL, Planet Waves , Fender, Buckle Down guitar straps including Comic strip. An essential addition to any guitarist's equipment, offering support and comfort for playing a guitar whilst standing up. We stock a wide range of guitar straps for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Choose from a variety of styles in an extensive range of colours and materials. If you're looking to buy guitar straps online or in store we have an incredible selection of over 200 guitar straps to choose from.

Guitar straps come in a variety of styles and designs, providing musicians of every type - electric, acoustic, and bass players - the perfect accessory for personalizing their instrument. Choose a comfortable strap, whether it's a traditionally-woven one or more padded leather. Musicstreet stocks top brands like Ernie Ball, Fender, and Leathergraft, with an array of styles from patterned shapes, leather and suede, to solid colors like blue, green, and black. What are the benefits of using a guitar strap? Essential for gigging, it offers lots of ways to express yourself, increases comfort, and offers a variety of straps for each type of guitar. A guitar strap is the perfect way to put your individual stamp on your instrument - no matter whether you play electric, acoustic or bass. Whether you’re looking for something soft and padded, or a vibrant traditionally-woven one, Musicstreet stocks top brands like Ernie Ball, Fender, and Leathergraft, where you can find guitars straps in a rainbow of colors, patterns and fabrics – from leather to suede to solid blue, green, and black. Not only does this offer lots of ways to customize your look, it also helps to make your gigs a bit more comfortable. It's a great way to add a personal touch and make your playing experience even more enjoyable.

DSL Guitar Straps are among the finest designed and quality made straps around. Made In Australia, DSL offer a superb range Including padded, reversible leather, stud straps suede etc.

Rock out with your favorite look. From fashion prints, funny verbiage, or your favorite comic book hero; Buckle-Down’s straps are sure to help keep you jamming all night long. Made from 2 inch wide nylon and fully adjustable.

For those times when your music makes everyone in the room want to move, you need a strap that you can trust to hold your guitar up. Levy’s makes that strap. Levy's straps have been the most trusted and dependable guitar straps in the industry, since 1973. We take pride in building the best strap for you, so you can worry about the thing that matters most.. making music. By focusing on reliability and fashion Levy’s straps remain the best in the world, bar none.

Do you want one of the best and most comfortable guitar bass straps in the world, and do you want it to go beautifully with your brand new guitar? Check out the 3.5" wide DSL Padded strap. With plush super soft garment leather, this premium guitar strap is second to none, in comfort, design and class.

Guitar straps are an essential tool for guitarists. Not only do guitar straps make it easier to play, but they can also add extra style and personality to your instrument. Whether it's a professional or a beginner, a sturdy, quality strap is a must. At our store, we have a full selection of straps to fit any preference and budget. From classic leather to vegan-made and colorful, trendy designs - we have it all. Durable materials and adjustable sizes make sure your strap fits perfectly. Check out our collection and find the strap that suits your playing experience and expresses your style. We offer vegan straps in many colours and styles, so you're sure to find the perfect match. With our dedication to sustainability and ethics, you can be sure your purchase is good for you and our planet. Feel the comfort of having the right strap for your instrument and never worry about it moving or slipping. With our range of materials and adjustable sizes, you're sure to find a strap that looks and feels great no matter the occasion - and it's all done with sustainability in mind.

You can see without any doubt that there will be a huge selection of Guitar or Bass Straps UK available at Musicstreet. Looking for a guitar strap? look no further, we have the best selection available


1.How do I choose a guitar strap?

For the perfect guitar strap, prioritize comfort, adjustability, and durability. Select a material like leather for longevity and ensure it's adjustable for the best fit. Choose a style that reflects your personality. Browse the selection at Music Street to find your ideal match!

2.Are guitar straps one size fits all?

No, guitar straps are not one size fits all. They come in various lengths and widths, and most are adjustable so you can find the perfect fit for your body and playing style. It’s important to choose a strap that allows you to adjust the guitar to a comfortable height and position.

3.Are guitar strap locks worth it?

Yes, guitar strap locks are definitely worth it, especially if you play your guitar frequently or perform live. Strap locks securely attach your strap to your guitar, preventing it from accidentally slipping off. This can be a real lifesaver, avoiding any potential drops that could damage your instrument. They're a small investment that can help protect your guitar and give you peace of mind while playing.

4.How to Attach a Guitar Strap?

To attach a guitar strap, just find the two knobs on your guitar—one at the bottom and one at the top near the neck. Slide the holes at each end of the strap over these knobs. Adjust the strap so it’s comfortable and makes it easy to reach your guitar's neck. If it feels a bit loose, you might want to get some strap locks to keep everything securely in place.

5.Do you sell straps for all guitars?

Yes, most guitar straps are designed to fit a wide range of guitars, from acoustic and electric to bass guitars. They typically come with adjustable features to ensure a good fit for any guitar model. Just make sure to pick a strap that matches your guitar’s style and your personal comfort needs.