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PRS USA bolt-on electric guitars

come in three varieties . Descended from the original CE "Classic Electric" launched in 1988, today's CE 24 series, in addition to its bolt-on guitar neck, features dual humbuckers and a PRS vibrato. 

Paul Reed Smith and John Mayer collaborated on Silver Sky Signature, aiming to bring to market a modern, idealized version of a vintage single-coil guitar.

Following on from the silver sky, the PRS Fiore was designed for Mark Lettieri and is a real session player's instrument. Paul Reed Smith and Mark Lettieri worked hard to create an instrument that could cover all styles but also served as an open platform for any guitarist to reveal their own sound. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a PRS bolt-on guitar?

A PRS bolt-on guitar refers to a type of Electric Guitar from Paul Reed Smith that features a neck attached to the body with bolts, rather than being glued in or set through. This construction method enhances the guitar's resonance and sustain, offering a distinct feel and tonal quality.

2. How does a PRS bolt-on differ from other construction methods?

PRS bolt-on guitars differ from set-neck or neck-through designs in how the neck is attached to the body. Bolt-on necks allow for easier adjustment and repair, and they typically provide a snappier tone with a more defined attack compared to the warmer tones of set-neck guitars.

3. Can I find PRS bolt-on models at Musicstreet?

Yes, Musicstreet, among the best guitar shops in the UK, stocks a variety of PRS bolt-on models. Known for their quality selection and expert advice, Musicstreet can help you explore the unique characteristics of PRS bolt-on guitars to find the one that suits your playing style.

4. Are PRS bolt-on guitars suitable for bass players?

While PRS bolt-on construction is more commonly associated with Electric Guitar, PRS also offers Bass Guitars with bolt-on necks. These basses benefit from the same attributes of enhanced adjustability and distinctive tonal qualities that the bolt-on construction provides.

5. Do PRS bolt-on guitars come in Acoustic Guitar or Classical guitar models?

PRS bolt-on construction is primarily used for electric and bass guitars. PRS does produce Acoustic Guitars, but these typically feature traditional acoustic guitar construction methods rather than bolt-on necks, and Classical guitars generally do not employ bolt-on construction due to their specific tonal and structural requirements.


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