Levinson Sceptre guitars

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Sceptre Guitars is the result of using Gary Levinsons experience of these 50 years to create a line of instruments of impeccable build integrity with exceptional playability and great tone. All instruments utilize excellent raw materials, top hardware and the new line of Levinson custom wound pickups. You owe it to yourself as a musician to experience these instruments.


It’s been over 50 years since Gary Levinson started building and repairing guitars. with the honor of building instruments for some of the world’s greatest guitarists over this expanse of time. During the late 60’s he was part of a small but exclusive repair shop in Champaign, Illinois. Meeting many of the music icons of the 60’s and 70’s when they came to play at the University of Illinois and did work for everyone from the Grateful Dead to Cat Stevens.

At the University of Illinois, Gary studied applied and natural sciences and continued this when he came to Basel Switzerland in 1971. The creation of tone is a wonderful science - part Physics and part magic. During graduate studies at the University of Basel he continued guitar work and founded Guitars by Levinson in Basel, Switzerland in 1977. This is history and has been a part of the Blade Guitars story over the years