Repair Workshop

Please make sure your instrument is cleaned before bringing it in for any servicing and be prepared to leave it with us while the work is carried out

offering set-ups repairs and modifications on electric, acoustic, and bass guitars.

Standard Set-up/Service 

  • Action height adjustment
  • Neck assessment/adjustment
  • Intonation
  • Pickup height adjustment
  • Hardware check (tightening, lubricating etc)
  • Fret polish
  • Fretboard clean & oil
  • Strings changed and tuned to your preference.

Fret dress?
For guitars with pitted, flattened or uneven frets, a fret dress and recrown will improve the guitar’s playability, we've even been known to carry this work out on brand new guitars so don't think it's just for worn instruments.

All work is carried out in house, we can normally turn around within 1 day (with the exception of refretting or any respray work).

Electric Guitar:

  • RE-STRING to include clean frets & finger board £12 plus strings
  • FULL SET-UP inc. clean frets, finger board, set nut, saddle, truss rod intonation £45 plus strings
  • FULL SET-UP FLOYD ROSE TREM inc. clean frets, finger board, set nut, saddle, truss rod intonation £60 plus strings
  • FRET DRESS as set-up + stone frets level and recrown,re-profile polish  £85 plus strings
  • RE-SET NECK ANGLE (bolt on necks) from £20
  • RE-FRET rose wood or ebony finger board £220 including setup
  • RE-FRET as above but with binding £250 including setup
  • RE-FRET maple finger board inc. re-spray finger board £290
  • NEW NUT bone or graphite £35
  • NEW SOCKET fitted from £10 plus cost of socket (£15 for strat/tele/les paul type, £20 for barrel type)
  • NEW POT fitted from £10 plus pot
  • NEW SWITCH LP, TELE or STRAT quality switch fitted from £20
  • COMPLETE RE-WIRE (plus parts used) from £60
  • PICKUP ADJUSTMENT set for optimum position from £5

Acoustic Guitar :

  • CUT & FIT NEW NUT £45
  • FIT UNDER BRIDGE TRANSDUCER re-set action as before £30
  • FIT WIRE END PIN SOCKET £10 plus socket

All other jobs are priced at £35 per hour including VAT.


HEADSTOCK BREAK repairs from £60



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