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PRS Silver Sky Guitars


Signature Guitar is the result of a collaboration between the Grammy Award-winning musician John Mayer and Paul Reed Smith.

Introduction to PRS Silver Sky

The PRS Silver Sky stands as a pinnacle of guitar craftsmanship, born from a collaboration between PRS Guitars and renowned musician John Mayer. This model is celebrated for its harmonious blend of vintage sound and modern playability, making it a favourite among guitarists across genres. Its unique selling points include precision engineering, exceptional tonal quality, and iconic design, tailored to elevate the playing experience.

Detailed Specifications

Each PRS Silver Sky guitar boasts meticulous craftsmanship, Here are the detailed specifications that make the PRS Silver Sky a standout choice:

  • Body Material: Lightweight alder, providing a balanced tonal foundation with a focus on midrange clarity.
  • Neck: Maple, featuring the 635JM profile which is a slightly modified version of traditional profiles, optimized for comfort and playability.
  • Fretboard: Available in either maple or rosewood, with a 7.25-inch radius and 22 frets, offering a vintage playing feel.
  • Pickups: Three 635JM single-coil pickups, specifically designed to offer a bright, clear tone with the warmth and fullness expected from vintage guitars.
  • Controls: One master volume and two tone controls, with a five-way pickup selector switch, allowing for comprehensive tonal variations.
  • Bridge: Steel tremolo system designed for stability and precise pitch modulation.
  • Tuning Machines: Vintage-style, locking tuners that provide excellent tuning stability and ease of use.
  • Finishes: Available in a wide range of colors including Frost, Tungsten, Golden Mesa, and more, each with a high-quality gloss finish.

Playing Experience

The PRS Silver Sky is renowned for its crystal-clear tone and versatility. Suitable for music ranging from blues to rock, it offers smooth playability and is responsive to every nuance of the player's style. Its direct comparison with other PRS models, or similar guitars from competitors like Fender Stratocaster, showcases its unique edge in clarity and comfort.

Artists Who Use the PRS Silver Sky

The PRS Silver Sky, co-designed by PRS Guitars and the renowned guitarist John Mayer, has quickly become a favorite among professional musicians. Below are the artist who use PRS Silver Sky & have popularized it.

John Mayer

  • Background: As a co-creator of the PRS Silver Sky, John Mayer was deeply involved in every aspect of its design, ensuring it met his specific needs and preferences. His influence is evident in the guitar's vintage-inspired feel combined with modern playability.
  • Usage: Mayer uses the PRS Silver Sky extensively in his live performances and studio recordings. The guitar can be heard on his recent albums, where its clear, crisp sound complements his soft rock and blues style.

Isaiah Sharkey

  • Background: Isaiah Sharkey is a Grammy Award-winning guitarist known for his work in gospel, R&B, and blues. His dynamic playing style demands a versatile and reliable instrument.
  • Usage: Isaiah Sharkey has praised the PRS Silver Sky for its comfortable neck profile and exceptional sound quality. He often uses it during live performances and sessions, valuing its ability to adapt to various musical settings and genres.

Mateus Asato

  • Background: As a social media guitar sensation and touring musician, Mateus Asato has a significant influence in the guitar community. His melodic and technically proficient playing style has garnered a massive following.
  • Usage: Mateus Asato has incorporated the PRS Silver Sky into his diverse performances, showcasing the guitar's capabilities in pop, rock, and jazz contexts. He particularly appreciates its smooth playability and tonal clarity, which enhance his expressive solos.

Arianna Powell

  • Background: Arianna Powell is a session guitarist who has worked with notable artists across pop, jazz, and R&B. Known for her meticulous technique and musical sensitivity, Powell requires an instrument that offers both precision and tonal nuance.
  • Usage: Powell has frequently been seen using the PRS Silver Sky on tour and in the studio. She values the guitar's reliability and the nuanced tones it produces, which are essential for her versatile session work.

How the PRS Silver Sky Influences Their Music

The PRS Silver Sky provides these artists with a tool that is not only reliable but also enhances their musical expression. Its design caters to a wide range of styles, from Mayer's blues-infused rock to Asato's intricate pop solos. The guitar's versatility is a key factor in its widespread adoption among top-tier musicians. It supports their need for a responsive instrument that can deliver a variety of tones, from clean, shimmering sounds to more robust, overdriven settings.

By choosing the PRS Silver Sky, these artists are not just selecting a guitar; they are choosing an extension of their musical voice, proving the instrument's worth across various performance and recording environments. The consistent feedback from these professionals highlights the guitar’s ability to perform exceptionally across many musical genres, solidifying its reputation in the music industry.

How to Choose the Right PRS Silver Sky Model

Choosing the right PRS Silver Sky model involves considering several factors that align with your personal preferences and playing needs:

Understand the Neck Profiles:

The PRS Silver Sky features a specific neck shape known as the 635JM, which is designed to be comfortable and supportive for extensive playing sessions. Evaluate how this neck feels in your hand, considering your previous experiences with guitar necks.

Select the Right Fretboard Material:

The Silver Sky offers choices between rosewood and maple fretboards. Rosewood provides a warmer tone and smoother feel, while maple offers a brighter sound and a slicker aesthetic appeal. Your choice might depend on the tonal qualities you prefer and the visual style you appreciate.

Consider the Finish:

PRS Silver Sky models come in a variety of finishes, including Frost, Tungsten, Golden Mesa, Dodgem Blue, and more. Choose a finish that not only looks appealing but also resonates with your stage persona or personal taste.

Pickup Configuration:

Pay attention to the setup of the 635JM single-coil pickups. These pickups are crucial for the guitar’s sound, offering clear, articulate tones ideal for styles that require crisp sound definition. Listen to sound samples or test the guitar to see if it meets your sonic expectations.

Assess Your Musical Style:

The Silver Sky is versatile but particularly well-suited for genres like blues, rock, and pop. Consider how the features of the Silver Sky align with the genres you most often play.

PRS Silver Sky Maintenance Guide

1. Regular Cleaning

Body and Neck: Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe down the body and neck of the guitar after each use to remove fingerprints and sweat, which can corrode the finish and strings. For deeper cleaning, use a slightly damp cloth followed by a dry one. Avoid using household cleaners as they can damage the finish.

Fretboard: Clean the fretboard every time you change strings. Use a soft brush or cloth to remove any grime. If the fretboard is particularly dirty, use a special guitar cleaner and conditioner designed for rosewood or maple fretboards, depending on your model.

2. String Maintenance

Changing Strings: Change strings regularly of your Paul Reed Smith Silver Sky guitar to maintain the sound quality and playability of your guitar. How often you change your strings can depend on how much you play, but a general rule is every 3 months or after 100 hours of playing.

Stringing Technique: When restringing, make sure to stretch the strings properly and wind them neatly around the tuning pegs to ensure tuning stability.

3. Hardware Care

Tuning Machines: Check the tuning machines periodically to ensure they are not loose. Use a suitable screwdriver to tighten any screws if needed.

Bridge and Tremolo System: Keep the bridge and tremolo system clean and free of rust. Wipe it down with a dry cloth regularly and check for any loose screws or components.

4. Humidity and Temperature Control

Storage: Store your PRS Silver Sky in a stable environment, avoiding extreme temperatures and humidity. Ideal conditions are between 45-55% humidity and around 70°F (21°C). Use a guitar case with a good seal to protect it from environmental changes.

Humidity Control: If you live in a very dry or very humid area, consider using a room humidifier or dehumidifier, or a guitar case humidifier.

5. Neck and Truss Rod Adjustments

Checking Neck Curvature: Periodically check the neck for proper curvature. Use a notched straight edge or look down the neck from the headstock to the body to assess if there are any significant bows or dips.

Truss Rod Adjustments: If the neck is bowed or has high action, it may need a truss rod adjustment. This is delicate and can be risky if done improperly, so it might be best handled by a professional technician if you are not experienced.

6. Electronics Care

Clean Potentiometers: If the volume or tone controls start to sound scratchy, use a contact cleaner designed for electronics. Spray a small amount into the potentiometer and turn the knob several times to distribute the cleaner.

Inspect Wiring: Periodically inspect the wiring, especially if the guitar starts to exhibit any unexpected behaviors like humming or loss of signal. Loose or worn-out connections should be repaired by a qualified technician.

7. Long-term Storage

If you need to store your guitar for an extended period, loosen the strings to reduce tension on the neck. Keep the guitar in its case, preferably with a silica gel packet to control moisture, and check on it periodically.

Other Popular PRS Guitar Series

PRS McCarty

  • A tribute to Ted McCarty, a pioneer of the electric guitar industry.
  • Known for its warm, rich tone and sustain, due to its thicker body and neck.
  • Offers features like a vintage-style tremolo or stoptail bridge and 58/15 pickups for classic sounds.

PRS Bolt-On

  • Features the classic PRS body style with a bolt-on neck construction, adding snap and twang to the tone.
  • PRS Bolt-On Series provides a more traditional feel and attack, often with a snappier response due to the neck joint.

PRS Custom 22

  • A versatile guitar with 22 frets that's well-suited for a wide range of playing styles.
  • Typically equipped with PRS Dragon II pickups, offering a balanced and articulate tone.


  • Boasts V12 finish and 57/08 pickups (Narrowfield) which provide clear, punchy tones.
  • PRS NF3 Combines the bite of single-coil pickups with the noise suppression of humbuckers.

PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo

  • Combines the power of magnetic pickups with a piezo acoustic pickup system.
  • Offers the versatility of hollowbody resonance and crisp acoustic sounds in one instrument.

PRS Modern Eagle V

  • Represents the pinnacle of PRS innovation with its sophisticated electronics and high-quality tonewoods.
  • Features a unique switching system that offers a vast array of tones, from classic to modern.

PRS Wood Library

  • A special program that allows dealers to hand-select woods and finishes for exclusive runs.
  • PRS Wood Library limited edition guitars often feature artistic appointments and premium materials.

PRS DGT (David Grissom Trem)

  • Designed in collaboration with guitarist David Grissom, known for its exceptional versatility and DGT pickups.
  • Offers player-friendly features like a contoured top and Grissom’s signature neck profile.

Each series in the PRS lineup offers distinctive features and specifications that cater to different playing styles and preferences, allowing guitarists to find an instrument that resonates with their musical expression.

PRS Silvey Sky Comparison With Other PRS Series


PRS Silver Sky

PRS McCarty

PRS Bolt-On

PRS Custom 24

PRS Modern Eagle V


Body Style



Varies (typically double-cutaway)




Body Material


Mahogany with maple top


Mahogany with maple top

Mahogany with maple top

Mahogany or other hardwoods

Neck Construction








Rosewood or maple

Rosewood or ebony

Rosewood or maple

Rosewood or maple

Rosewood or ebony

Rosewood or maple


635JM single coils

58/15 humbuckers


85/15 humbuckers

85/15 humbuckers

Narrowfield pickups

Scale Length

25.5 inches

25 inches

25.5 inches or 25 inches

25 inches

25 inches

25.5 inches

Number of Frets



22 or 24




Bridge Type

Steel tremolo

PRS stoptail or tremolo

PRS tremolo or fixed bridge

PRS patented tremolo, Gen III

PRS tremolo

PRS tremolo

Tuning Machines

Locking tuners

PRS Phase III locking

PRS designed tuners

PRS Phase III locking

PRS Phase III locking

PRS designed locking tuners

Unique Features

John Mayer collaboration

Vintage-inspired, warm tones

Customizable configurations

Versatile, flagship model

Highly customizable, high-end

Narrowfield pickups, clear tone

Accessories For PRS Silver Sky Guitar

To complement the exquisite craftsmanship of the PRS Silver Sky, selecting the right guitar accessories is essential for both protection and enhanced playability. Here’s a concise guide to choosing accessories that are a perfect match for your Silver Sky guitar:

Cases and Gig Bags

  • Protect your Silver Sky with a PRS hardshell case or a premium gig bag, ensuring your instrument is shielded from the elements and transportation bumps.


  • A comfortable and durable guitar strap is vital for performance ease. Opt for PRS-designed straps that offer both comfort and style to match your guitar's aesthetic.


  • Equip your Silver Sky with PRS strings, designed to complement the tonal qualities of PRS guitars and provide long-lasting tuning stability and playability.

Maintenance Kit

  • Maintain the pristine condition of your Silver Sky with a PRS maintenance kit, which typically includes a guitar cleaner, a polishing cloth, and fingerboard conditioner.


  • Upgrade to PRS locking tuners for quicker and more stable string changes, ensuring your guitar stays in tune longer, even with vigorous playing.


  • While the Silver Sky comes with custom 635JM pickups, PRS offers a variety of pickup options if you're looking to experiment with different tonal possibilities.


  • The right pick can influence your playing dynamics significantly. PRS offers a selection of picks in various shapes and thicknesses to cater to your playing style and comfort.


  • High-quality cables are crucial for preserving your tone. PRS guitar cables ensure that the signal from your Silver Sky to your amp is clear and uninterrupted.


  • Pair your Silver Sky with PRS amplifiers to take full advantage of its sonic capabilities, ensuring that the nuances of its tone are accurately projected.


  • For versatility in playing, a capo can be a handy tool. Choose one that applies even pressure across the fretboard without causing any tuning issues.

Stands and Hangers

  • Display and store your Silver Sky securely with PRS stands or wall hangers, designed to support the weight and shape of your guitar safely.

By choosing these curated accessories, you'll not only extend the life of your PRS Silver Sky but also enhance your musical experience, whether at home, in the studio, or on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I purchase a PRS Silver Sky guitar, and is there a warranty available?

You can purchase the PRS Silver Sky guitar and enjoy peace of mind with our warranty coverage on Music Street. Plus, while you're here, don't forget to explore our extensive collection of guitars, amps, and accessories to take your musical journey to new heights. Shop now and unleash your musical potential with Music Street!

2. What are the key differences between the PRS Silver Sky and the Gibson Les Paul?

While the Gibson Les Paul is known for its thick, rich tone and mahogany body, the PRS Silver Sky offers a different sonic palette with its alder body and single-coil pickups, providing a brighter, more articulate sound ideal for various playing styles.

3. What makes the PRS Silver Sky different from other PRS guitars?

The PRS Silver Sky is the result of a collaboration with John Mayer and is designed to combine vintage tones with modern playability. It features a unique neck shape, 635JM single-coil pickups, and a distinctive body design that sets it apart from other models

4. Who would benefit most from using the PRS Silver Sky guitar?

Whether you're a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic beginner, the PRS Silver Sky caters to players seeking exceptional tone, comfort, and versatility. Elevate your playing with this remarkable instrument, available on Music Street alongside a diverse range of guitars and accessories.

5. What makes the PRS Silver Sky stand out compared to guitars in the MusicMan Cutlass series?

While the MusicMan Cutlass series offers a similar take on the vintage Stratocaster design, the PRS Silver Sky distinguishes itself with its unique pickups, hardware, and ergonomic features, providing a fresh take on the classic formula with enhanced playability and tonal versatility.

6. Can I play different music genres on the PRS Silver Sky?

Yes, while the PRS Silver Sky focuses on clarity and precision, making it perfect for blues, pop, and rock, its versatile design allows you to explore a wide range of musical genres with ease.

7. What types of finishes are available for the PRS Silver Sky?

The Silver Sky is available in a range of finishes, including Frost, Tungsten, Golden Mesa, and Dodgem Blue, among others. These high-quality finishes are chosen to enhance the guitar’s aesthetic and durability.

8. How do the 635JM pickups influence the sound of the Silver Sky?

The 635JM single-coil pickups are specifically voiced to provide a round, full sound with a smooth treble response, ensuring clear and articulate tones, reminiscent of vintage single-coil pickups but with reduced noise.

9. What makes Silver Sky different from Strat?

The PRS Silver Sky is a unique blend of John Mayer's vision with PRS's craftsmanship, offering a distinct neck shape, 635JM single-coil pickups, and a specialized tremolo system. In contrast, the Stratocaster typically features a more traditional design with a range of pickup configurations and a well-known double-cutaway body shape, making each iconic in its own right and offering different tonal palettes and playing experiences.

10. What is the difference between PRS Silver Sky & PRS Silver Sky SE?

The PRS Silver Sky is crafted with a focus on John Mayer’s detailed specifications and premium features like a unique neck profile and custom-wound pickups, offering a high-end playing experience. The PRS Silver Sky SE, while inspired by the original, makes this design more accessible with changes such as a poplar body and bolt-on construction. The Paul Reed Smith SE Silver Sky aiming to deliver a similar feel and tone in a more budget-friendly package.



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