PRS Myles Kennedy / NF53

PRS Myles Kennedy / NF53


Introducing Myles Kennedy’s first signature model. Known for his work in Alter Bridge, Slash and the Conspirators, and his own solo recordings, Kennedy is an accomplished guitarist who brings blues and jazz style to rock guitar playing. This new signature model mirrors Kennedy’s rock sensibilities with a nod to historic designs. While the aesthetic may have players hearing chicken pickin’ in their heads – and this guitar can certainly reach twang territory – it is made to play like a rock machine.

Myles Kennedy - Alter Bridge // Slash and The Conspirators

One of the most distinctive voices in modern music today, Myles Kennedy is a consummate musician. Equally accomplished as a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, he is also one of the of the hardest working men in the business. Well known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for both Alter Bridge and Slash's band, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, he also maintains an active solo career. On top of all that Myles remains an in-demand collaborator, having worked with artists including Sevendust, Gov’t Mule, Disturbed, Halestorm and Mark Morton and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Lamb of God and Run DMC respectively. Based in Spokane Washington, Myles also possesses a rich history as an instructor and session guitarist. His longstanding relationship with PRS Guitars has most recently birthed the Myles Kennedy Signature model.


PRS: Congratulations on the recent release of the new PRS Myles Kennedy model! There’s so much that goes into the launch of a signature instrument, what was your favorite part of the process?

Myles: Thank you! It was a fun process overall. I enjoyed riffing (pun intended) with everyone during the R&D phase. My favorite part was unboxing the initial prototypes. It was an incredible thrill to finally play what we had all put our heads together to develop, that’s when it all started to feel real and tangible to me. I’ll never forget that.

PRS: After field testing your new signature model for quite some time, how would you say it has added to your experience as a songwriter and performer?

Myles: For me, an instrument should inspire you in several ways, not only to motivate you to play but to help pull something out of you on a spiritual level. I know that might sound a bit silly, but for me it’s paramount. It should have mojo….that elusive vibe! It should be a creative tool to help you tap into a deeper part of yourself. Once I started performing and writing with the signature guitar I realized we had developed something that would help me achieve my goals as an artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is unique about the PRS guitars Myles Kennedy model?

The PRS guitar Myles Kennedy model is designed in collaboration with the renowned guitarist, known for his work with Alter Bridge and Slash. This Electric Guitar features custom specifications to suit Kennedy's versatile playing style, including unique pickups, a tailored neck profile, and specialized hardware, making it a favorite among players seeking a guitar with exceptional tone and playability.

2. Can I find the Myles Kennedy model at Musicstreet, one of the best guitar shops in the UK?

Yes, Musicstreet, renowned as one of the best guitar shops in the UK, offers the PRS guitars Myles Kennedy model. Their selection includes various PRS guitars, catering to enthusiasts and players who admire Kennedy's music and tone.

3. How does the Myles Kennedy PRS compare to a standard Bass Guitar?

The Myles Kennedy PRS is an Electric Guitar, primarily designed for lead and rhythm playing with higher-pitched tones compared to a Bass Guitar, which provides the low-end rhythm and foundation in music. Both instruments play pivotal roles in a band's sound but serve different musical purposes.

4. Is the Myles Kennedy PRS model suitable for playing Classical guitar pieces?

While the Myles Kennedy PRS model is an electric guitar optimized for rock and versatile playing styles, it is not traditionally used for Classical guitar pieces, which often require nylon-stringed guitars. However, innovative musicians can adapt its use for classical-inspired renditions in a contemporary setting.

5. Where can I get advice on whether the Myles Kennedy PRS is the right guitar for me?

Musicstreet offers expert advice to help you decide if the Myles Kennedy PRS model aligns with your musical needs and preferences. Their knowledgeable staff can guide you through the features and benefits of this guitar, ensuring you make an informed choice.