blackstar amps uk



If you want an amplifier beloved by musicians like yourself, the Blackstar guitar amp is an excellent choice and our personal favourite, thanks to its HT range and selection of drive pedals. Whether you need an amplifier for practice sessions or when you're performing for a large crowd, this amp is suitable for a wide range of music genres and audiences.

Are you interested in broadcasting your songs to a broader audience? With a wide range of sounds and designs, a Blackstar guitar amplifier is one of the best bass amps you can use while shredding your favourite songs. A professional Blackstar guitar amp comes with various quality components, including an advanced range of sound and value-driven pedals, at an affordable price.

MusicStreet carries the best bass amps that Blackstar has to offer.

Do you want a smaller amplifier that is easier to carry around for shows? Our Blackstar Amplug2 Fly Guitar is a small but reliable amplifier that produces three distinct channels in one unit. You can pinpoint the exact tonal signatures you desire through this affordable guitar amp's clean, crunch, or lead channel.

Did you know that MusicStreet ships internationally? No matter where you live, you can have access to a travel-friendly and reliable guitar amplifier like Blackstar amps. Please browse our selection of Blackstar guitar acoustic and bass amplifiers today to find the sound range you desire at an affordable price.