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From Eddie Van Halen ;comes the latest musical instrument gear designed by the rock 'n' roll god himself and inspired by years of chasing tone. check out the Striped series & Wolfgang guitars for something truly inspirational to fire up your rock licks

Eddie Van Halen played the guitar known as Frankenstein (sometimes also referred to as Frankenstrat) – an instrument that he made and assembled himself using various parts around 1976. During the early years, this was Eddie’s main guitar, especially for live performances. Aside from that one, in those years he also used an Ibanez Destroyer, later named “Shark”, to record a good part of the first Van Halen album.

Around 1979, he played the guitar nicknamed Bumblebee and used it for most of the Van Halen II tour. In 1981 Eddie got his first endorsement deal with Kramer, which resulted in the Kramer 5150 guitar that became his main. In 1991 he switched to Ernie Ball/Music Man and designed a completely new guitar, named the Music Man EVH.

A couple of years later he switched to Peavey guitars, and in 2001 he finally joined Fender guitars. During his last years, Eddie played the EVH Wolfgang model and the Fender Custom Shop replica of the original Frankenstein guitar.

What are some popular models of EVH Electric Guitars available in the UK market?

Here are a few more well-known electric guitar from Epiphone:

  1. EVH Wolfgang Standard
  2. EVH Wolfgang® Standard, Baked Maple Fingerboard, Stryker Red
  3. EVH Wolfgang® Standard Exotic Koa, Baked Maple Fingerboard, Natural
  4. EVH Striped Series, Red with Black Stripes
  5. EVH Wolfgang® Standard Exotic Bocote

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is unique about an EVH electric guitar?

An EVH electric guitar is renowned for its high performance, distinctive design, and the legacy of Eddie Van Halen, one of the most influential guitarists in rock history. These guitars are crafted to meet the demands of players seeking precision, speed, and versatility, making them ideal for rock and metal genres.

2. How does an EVH electric guitar compare to a traditional Acoustic Guitar?

An EVH electric guitar is designed for amplified sound, with features tailored to electric guitar playing, such as humbucking pickups and a tremolo system, offering a wide range of sounds and effects. In contrast, an Acoustic Guitar produces sound through its hollow body and is typically used for genres like folk, country, and singer-songwriter music, offering a warmer, more natural tone.

3. Can I find EVH electric guitars at Musicstreet, one of the best guitar shops in the UK?

Yes, Musicstreet, considered one of the best guitar shops in the UK, offers a selection of EVH electric guitars. Whether you're a fan of Eddie Van Halen's music or simply appreciate the quality and performance of these guitars, Musicstreet can provide you with a variety of EVH models to choose from.

4. Are EVH electric guitars suitable for playing Classical guitar pieces?

While EVH electric guitars are primarily designed for rock and metal, their versatility allows for a wide range of playing styles. However, for traditional Classical guitar music, a nylon-string classical guitar would be more appropriate due to its softer tone and fingerstyle playability.

5. Does Musicstreet offer Bass Guitar options alongside EVH electric guitars?

While Musicstreet specializes in a wide range of guitars, including EVH electric guitars, they also offer an assortment of Bass Guitars for those looking to complete their rhythm section. Although EVH is best known for electric guitars, Musicstreet's diverse inventory caters to all musicians, including bassists.