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PRS DGT (David Grissom Trem) is the result of more than 20 years of collaboration between Paul Smith and David Grissom. The DGT is based on the McCarty with a unique DGT neck shape, taller frets, special pickups, and a revised control layout. Grissom and Paul spent a year A/B-ing more than forty sets of pickups before nailing the vintage-voice of DGT humbuckers. When paired with individual volume controls for each pickup and a push/pull master tone control that operates the coil taps, DGT pickups provide versatility and articulation.

The DGT is based on the McCarty with a unique DGT neck shape, taller frets, special pickups, and a revised control layout.

“The DGT is a product a lot of miles down the road: a lot of gigs, a lot of records. It’s like picking up a vintage guitar. It sounds like a vintage guitar, and out of the box it’s ready to go. There’s a whole lot of thought gone into this. The DGT is pretty perfect to me.” – David Grissom

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the PRS DGT?

PRS DGT is an electric guitar model designed by PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Guitars in collaboration with guitarist David Grissom. Known for its versatility, the DGT offers a unique combination of vintage tones and modern playability, making it a popular choice among guitarists of various styles.

2. How does the PRS DGT differ from other PRS guitars DGT models?

The PRS DGT stands out within the PRS guitars DGT lineup due to its specific features tailored to David Grissom's specifications, including custom pickups, a special neck shape, and a unique control layout. These features contribute to the DGT's distinctive sound and feel, setting it apart from other models in the PRS range.

3. Can I find the PRS DGT UK at Musicstreet?

Yes, Musicstreet offers the PRS DGT UK among its selection of PRS guitars. As a renowned guitar shop, Musicstreet provides a variety of PRS models, including the DGT, catering to players seeking high-quality instruments with exceptional sound and craftsmanship.

4. Is the PRS DGT suitable for playing genres other than rock?

Absolutely! While the PRS DGT is often associated with rock due to its rich, powerful tones, its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of genres, from blues and jazz to country and pop. Its diverse tonal capabilities allow players to explore various musical styles with a single instrument.

5. Are there acoustic or bass versions of the PRS DGT?

The PRS DGT is specifically an Electric Guitar model and does not have direct Acoustic Guitar or Bass Guitar counterparts. However, PRS offers a wide range of acoustic and bass guitars for those interested in exploring different types of instruments beyond the electric guitar realm.

6. Can a beginner start with a PRS DGT?

While the PRS DGT is a professional-level instrument, beginners with a serious interest in guitar playing and a commitment to learning can certainly start with a DGT. Its playability and tonal variety can provide an inspiring and enjoyable learning experience, though beginners might also consider exploring more beginner-focused models to start their journey.

7.  How do I choose the right guitar size?

Choosing the right guitar size is crucial for comfort and playability. Consider your age, height, and hand size. Adults typically use full-sized guitars, while children benefit from 3/4 or 1/2-sized models. Ensure the guitar fits comfortably when seated and standing. For more detailed guidance, read our comprehensive blog on choosing guitar sizes.