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One of the longest-tenured signature artists in the history of PRS Guitars, Mark Tremonti has been a staple of our artist roster for decades. He is one of our first and only endorsees to have signature Core and SE models in addition to a growing family of amplifiers. Throughout the course of his career, Mark has not only cemented his position as a world-class guitarist and vocalist, but also as a nuanced songwriter. His savage, polished and instantly recognizable style has left a lasting influence on the sonic architecture of modern heavy music. A founding member of the Grammy-award winning, multiplatinum band Creed, Mark is equally well known for his work in Alter Bridge and his own solo group Tremonti. Mark’s work ethic and dedication to his craft are the stuff of legend, always willing to push himself beyond his comfort zone in the pursuit of his art. Read our interview with Mark below.

Mark Tremonti is one of rock’s leading guitarists. As the guitarist of Alter Bridge and Creed, he has met extraordinary success and continues to grow as both a guitar player and songwriter. While Creed was on tour in support of their first record, My Own Prison, Mark was contacted by PRS and asked if he would like to try one of their guitars.

"I jumped at the idea to play one of PRS’ guitars. PRS was one of those guitars that I could never afford in high school or college and had always wanted to play one." PRS sent Mark a McCarty model which he instantly fell in love with. He played that guitar exclusively for a while, but ultimately wanted a guitar that was more suited to his playing style.

Mark Tremonti began to collaborate with PRS on his dream guitar that would soon become the Mark Tremonti Signature Model. He needed pickups that were a little more aggressive and could complement his rhythm playing which contains a lot of palm muting. The neck of the guitar needed to accommodate his style, influenced by thrash metal, shred, and traditional blues. PRS met these needs with the Pattern Thin neck carve.


1. What materials are used in the construction of Tremonti PRS guitars?

Tremonti PRS guitars are known for their exceptional build quality, attention to detail, and versatile tone. They're designed in collaboration with Mark Tremonti, the Grammy Award-winning guitarist, to meet his exacting standards for performance and sound.

2. What pickups does a PRS Tremonti guitar use?

A PRS Tremonti guitar typically uses specially designed pickups called "Tremonti signature pickups." These pickups are made to give the guitar its unique sound and are chosen by Mark Tremonti himself, who's a famous guitarist.

3. How did PRS Tremonti guitars get their name?

PRS Tremonti guitars got their name because they were created in collaboration with Mark Tremonti, who's a well-known guitarist in bands like Creed and Alter Bridge. Mark worked closely with PRS to design guitars that meet his exact requirements, so they named the guitar after him.

4. What fingerboard radius does the Mark Tremonti PRS have?

The fingerboard radius of the Mark Tremonti PRS is typically around 10 inches. This measurement refers to the curvature of the fingerboard, which affects how the guitar feels to play. A radius of 10 inches is considered comfortable for most players, allowing for smooth bending of strings and easy chord playing.

5. Can I customize or modify my Tremonti PRS guitar?

Yes, you can customize or modify your Tremonti PRS guitar if you want to change its appearance or sound. However, it's essential to be careful when doing this and make sure you know what you're doing or have a professional help you. Making changes to your guitar can affect how it plays and sounds, so it's best to approach any modifications with caution.