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PRS (Paul Reed Smith) is a renowned guitar manufacturer known for producing high-quality electric guitars. With a wide range of models, PRS offers something for every guitarist, from beginners to professionals. We will explore the different models of PRS electric guitars and help you find the perfect one for your playing style and preferences.
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Introduction to Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars

PRS Guitars, founded by Paul Reed Smith in the 1980s, is an American company known for crafting high-quality electric guitars and basses. PRS guitars stand out for their exceptional craftsmanship and stunning aesthetics. PRS offers a range of models, including the iconic Custom 24 and the versatile PRS SE series, ensuring there's a perfect match for every musician. Known for their attention to detail, beautiful designs, and superb sound, PRS guitars are popular among musicians across various genres. The brand symbolizes a blend of traditional guitar-making with modern innovations.

Why Choose A PRS Guitar?

Choosing a PRS guitar is not just about purchasing an instrument; it's about investing in a legacy of quality and innovation. Paul Reed Smith has set a high standard in the guitar world, making PRS a top choice for musicians. Here's why you should consider a PRS guitar for your next musical companion:

  • Unmatched Quality: Each PRS guitar, from the iconic Custom 24 PRS guitar to the versatile PRS SE Custom 24 guitar, is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The quality control at PRS ensures that every instrument meets the highest standards of playability and sound.
  • Innovative Design: Paul Reed Smith guitars are renowned for their aesthetic beauty and innovative features. Whether it's the smooth playability of the PRS SE series or the unique sound of the PRS McCarty, these guitars stand out in both looks and performance.
  • Versatility: With a range that includes everything from the PRS SE 22 guitar to the PRS 7 string guitar, there's a PRS for every style and genre. The versatility of PRS guitars makes them suitable for players across the musical spectrum.
  • Signature Models: PRS offers a range of signature models, such as the PRS Myles Kennedy Signature guitar, that embody the unique specifications and sounds of the world's top guitarists. Owning a PRS signature model is like holding a piece of music history in your hands.
  • Wide Range: Whether you're looking for an electric PRS guitar, a PRS acoustic guitar, or even a left-handed PRS guitar, the brand's wide range ensures there's something for every musician. PRS guitars in the UK offer an extensive selection, including the PRS McCarty, PRS 245 guitar, and PRS bass guitar, available at Musicstreet.


How do you pick the best PRS guitar for you?

Choosing the right PRS guitar involves considering your musical style, budget, and preferred features. Here's a simple guide to help you navigate the array of options available:

  • Consider Your Playing Style: Whether you're into rock, jazz, blues, or metal, PRS has something for everyone. For versatile players, the Custom 24 or McCarty series might be ideal, offering a range of tones suitable for various genres. Metal enthusiasts might lean towards a PRS SE 22 or a 7-string PRS, known for their heavier, more aggressive sound.
  • Acoustic or Electric: PRS offers both acoustic and electric guitars. If you're looking for the resonance and warmth of an acoustic, explore the PRS Acoustic Guitars. For electric guitar players, the PRS Electric Guitars line, including the PRS S2 and CE 24 models, offers a blend of classic and modern tones.
  • Left-Handed Options: Left-handed musicians need not worry, as PRS provides left handed PRS guitars, ensuring everyone has access to top-quality instruments.
  • Consider the Extras: Accessories like a comfortable strap buttons / straplocks, reliable tuners, and durable guitar stands can enhance your playing experience. Also, think about the future need for pedalboards and amps, especially if you're eyeing an electric model.
  • Budget and Quality: PRS Guitars range from more accessible SE models to high-end Private Stock collections. Determine your budget but remember, investing in a PRS is investing in quality that lasts. For more budget-friendly options, consider looking into second-hand guitars available at Musicstreet.

Finding the right PRS guitar is about aligning your musical needs, style, and budget with the perfect instrument. At our guitar shop in UK - Musicstreet, we're committed to helping you navigate this journey, ensuring you leave with a PRS that feels like it was made just for you. Let us guide you through our extensive collection and find the PRS that will become an extension of your musical voice.

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Range of PRS Guitars

Discover the diverse world of PRS Guitars at Musicstreet, where we offer an extensive range to cater to every guitarist's dream. From iconic models to signature series, PRS stands out for its unparalleled quality and design.


  • The PRS Custom 24 is the quintessential PRS guitar, known for its versatile sound and playability. Featuring a 24-fret design, this model offers a wide tonal range, making it suitable for various music genres. Its aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship make it a top choice for musicians worldwide.


  • The PRS DGT (David Grissom Trem) is a result of collaboration between PRS and guitarist David Grissom. It boasts custom specifications, including special pickups and a unique neck shape, providing a distinctive playing experience tailored to expressive and dynamic performances.


  • The PRS McCarty 594 is a vintage-inspired model that captures the essence of classic electric guitars with modern reliability. It features a 24.594" scale length, giving it a unique feel and tone, reminiscent of the golden era of guitar making.


  • The PRS Modern Eagle V represents the pinnacle of PRS innovation, offering state-of-the-art features and exotic woods. This model is for players seeking the ultimate in precision, playability, and tonal diversity, making it a true collector's item.


  • PRS Signature Guitars celebrate the partnership between PRS and influential musicians. These models are designed to meet the specific needs of artists, incorporating their unique preferences and playing styles into the instruments.


  • PRS Hollowbody Guitars combine the warmth and resonance of an acoustic with the playability and electric capabilities of an electric guitar. Perfect for jazz, blues, and beyond, these guitars offer a rich, nuanced sound that's both versatile and distinct.

At Musicstreet, we're proud to showcase the remarkable range of PRS Guitars, each with its unique character and capabilities. Whether you're an aspiring musician or a seasoned pro, we invite you to explore our collection and find the perfect PRS to express your musical vision.


How to maintain PRS Guitars?

Maintaining your PRS guitar ensures it continues to deliver the exceptional sound and playability PRS is known for. Proper care not only preserves its quality but also maintains its value, whether it's a cherished PRS Custom 22 or a versatile PRS SE. Here's how to keep your PRS in top condition:

  • Regular Cleaning: Keep your PRS guitar clean by wiping it down with a soft, dry cloth after each use. This prevents buildup of dirt and oils, which can affect the finish and playability.
  • String Care: Knowing how to restring a PRS guitar is crucial. Change strings regularly to maintain tone and ensure the guitar plays its best. Use a tuner to keep your guitar perfectly in tune, and consider PRS's own guitar accessories for optimal compatibility.
  • Humidity Control: Guitar care involves managing humidity levels, especially for PRS acoustic guitars. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier as needed to prevent wood from warping.
  • Regular Check-Ups: Take your PRS to a professional for regular maintenance. This includes checking the PRS bolt on necks for alignment, ensuring the PRS amplifiers are functioning correctly, and verifying the electronics are in good condition.
  • Use Quality Accessories: Invest in high-quality guitar accessories, such as a sturdy guitar case, reliable tuners and metronomes. These accessories help protect your PRS and enhance your playing experience.
  • Protective Measures: Use a PRS guitar strap that securely attaches to your guitar to prevent accidental drops. Also, consider strap locks for added security, especially if you perform live.

At Musicstreet, we understand the value of your PRS guitar, whether it's an investment in a PRS Private Stock guitar or the joy of playing a more accessible model. We offer a range of guitar care products and services designed to keep your PRS in pristine condition.

Top Guitarists that use PRS guitars

PRS guitars have been the choice of renowned guitarists across the globe, celebrated for their exceptional quality, versatile tones, and stunning aesthetics. From rock legends to jazz maestros, these artists have found their musical voice through a PRS. Here are some of the top guitarists who have embraced PRS guitars as part of their essential gear:

  • John Mayer: Known for his soulful melodies and bluesy guitar work, John Mayer often plays the PRS Silver Sky, a model developed in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith. This guitar combines vintage tones with modern playability, making it a favourite for Mayer's live performances and studio work.
  • Mark Tremonti: The powerhouse guitarist from Alter Bridge and Creed, Mark Tremonti uses the PRS Tremonti SE guitar among others. Known for his heavy riffs and melodic solos, the PRS Tremonti models provide the perfect balance of aggression and clarity in his sound.
  • Carlos Santana: One of the earliest adopters of PRS guitars, Carlos Santana's signature sound has been partly sculpted by models like the PRS Santana. His use of PRS models, including the PRS SE guitar and Paul Reed Smith Custom 24, showcases the brand's versatility across genres.
  • Myles Kennedy: The lead vocalist and guitarist for Alter Bridge, Myles Kennedy also enjoys a successful solo career, often seen wielding a PRS McCarty 594. His choice reflects the model's ability to deliver powerful rock tones while maintaining the warmth needed for more melodic passages.
  • Alex Lifeson: The Rush guitarist has been seen playing various PRS models, including the PRS NF3 and PRS Alex Lifeson Signature acoustic guitars. These instruments complement Lifeson's complex compositions and intricate playing style.
  • Dustie Waring: The rhythm and lead guitarist for Between the Buried and Me, Dustie Waring favours the PRS CE 24, known for its fast action and versatile sound, accommodating the band's diverse musical explorations.

PRS Guitar Accessories

These artists, among many others, showcase the wide appeal and adaptability of PRS guitars. Whether you're looking to emulate the smooth, melodic tones of John Mayer's Silver Sky or the aggressive riffing of Mark Tremonti, Musicstreet offers a diverse range of PRS guitars to meet your needs.

Elevate your playing experience with PRS Guitar Accessories, the perfect complement to your beloved instrument. From enhancing playability to ensuring your guitar's longevity, these accessories are designed to meet the high standards of PRS quality. Here's a look at some essential PRS guitar accessories that every player should consider:

Guitar Strings


  • Ensure clear, uninterrupted sound with our durable PRS cables, perfect for connecting your guitar to amps and pedalboards with minimal signal loss.


  • A versatile tool for creativity, PRS capos allow you to explore new tunings and sounds with ease. Ideal for acoustic and electric models alike, including the PRS NF3 and PRS Archtop guitars.

Microphone Accessories

  • While not directly related to guitars, PRS branded microphone accessories can complement your recording setup, ensuring your guitar sounds great both live and in the studio whether you're miking up a PRS Wood Library masterpiece or an iconic PRS Custom 24.

Strap Locks:

  • Protect your PRS from accidental drops with reliable guitar strap locks. These provide added security, ensuring your guitar stays safely attached to your strap during performances, preventing accidental drops.

Guitar Amps

  • The right guitar amp can bring out the best in your PRS. Whether you're using a PRS Modern Eagle V for its nuanced tones or a PRS SE for its versatile sound, pairing it with a compatible amp is key. PRS manufactures a range of amplifiers that match the quality of their guitars, designed to enhance and capture the true tone of your instrument.

Guitar Care Kits

  • Keep your PRS in top condition with guitar care kits. Suitable for all models, like the PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Standard 24. Guitar care kit includes various products for maintaining your guitar, including polishes, cloths, and tools to keep your instrument in top condition, preserving its look and sound.

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At Musicstreet, we're dedicated to offering an extensive range of PRS Guitar Accessories to enhance your playing and maintain your instrument's condition. Whether you need new strings for your PRS UK model or seeking the perfect amp to complement your PRS electric guitar, our selection has you covered.

We also have a large selection of guitars from brands like Les Paul, Martin Guitars, Yamaha Revstar, Duesenberg Guitars, and many others. Come visit our store to discover our fantastic collection. Do visit us at the store & explore our super collection. You can even get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes PRS guitars different from other brands?

PRS guitars stand out for their superior craftsmanship, innovative designs, and exceptional tonal quality. Each PRS combines artistic aesthetics with advanced technical features, making them a favorite among both professional musicians and enthusiasts.

2. Can beginners use PRS guitars?

Yes, PRS SE guitars are designed with beginners in mind, offering quality and playability at an accessible price. These models provide a comfortable playing experience for those just starting their musical journey.

3. Why is PRS so expensive?

The high cost of PRS guitars reflects their meticulous construction, use of premium materials, and handcrafted details. The brand's commitment to quality and sound excellence justifies the investment in a PRS.

4. Are PRS Guitars worth the money?

Yes, PRS guitars are considered a valuable investment. They are known for their durability, sound quality, and resale value, making them worth the initial expense for many musicians.

5. Are there customisation options available for PRS guitars?

PRS offers extensive customisation options through its Private Stock program, allowing players to tailor their guitar's specifications, materials, and finishes to their personal preferences.

6. Which is the most popular PRS guitar?

The Custom 24 is arguably the most iconic and popular PRS guitar, renowned for its versatility, playability, and the signature PRS aesthetic.

7. What is the difference between the PRS SE and S2 series?

The SE series offers affordable models for beginners and intermediate players, while the S2 series bridges the gap between the SE line and the high-end Core models, offering a balance of quality and value.

8. Do PRS guitars have humbuckers?

Yes, many PRS guitars come equipped with humbuckers, providing a warm, rich tone with reduced noise. Models like the PRS McCarty and Custom 22 feature these powerful pickups, known for their versatility in various music genres.

9. Are PRS Silver Sky Guitars Better than Fender Strats?

Both PRS Silver Sky and Fender Stratocasters have their strengths, appealing to different tastes. The PRS Silver Sky, designed with John Mayer, offers a warm, articulate tone and modern craftsmanship with premium components and a comfortable neck. Fender Stratocasters are iconic for their bright, versatile sound and classic design, beloved by many for their vintage vibe and wide range of tones.

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