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Are you looking for the best equipment to expand your guitar's range of sound and quality? PRS guitar amps are an innovative tool for any musician looking to craft a pleasing tone when strumming on their favourite stringed instrument.

Whether you are a fan of PRS electric guitars or their acoustic counterparts, professional PRS Amps are versatile machines capable of creating better tone and performance quality.

PRS Guitar Amps

Did you know that a well-produced amp can inspire your craft as a musician? We choose different musical instruments to produce different sounds based on our moods and song preferences, so why should the amps we choose be any different?

Premium PRS amplifiers inspire musicians like yourself to play more often, thanks to how they affect your stringed instruments' timbre. PRS amps are powerful components for inspiring musicians to perform at their best with high-quality tonality.

At MusicStreet, we offer a wide range of PRS amps for you to choose from to play at several locations. Do you need a compact guitar amplifier that you can travel with easily from performance to performance? Our black PRS HDRX 20 includes many beneficial features, like its adjustable monitor jacks and multiple control panels to change your instrument's sound.

Do you want to improve your performance and feel inspired to create beautiful music with your guitar? Browse MusicStreet's expansive inventory of musical instruments and amps to produce the sound quality you deserve.