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We love our used guitars here at MusicStreet and offer you some great deals.
At Musicstreet we can offer you a part exchange on your used guitar for something new from our stock. We also keep an archive page of used guitars for inspiration.. we can keep your details if you're after something specific just incase one turns up!
We always have various pre-owned Acoustic and Electric guitars so if it's a bargain you're after then check back here often as we are always rotating stock.

We aim to have a quick turnaround on our used guitars at Musicstreet and every guitar is given a full service and thoroughly checked from set up to electrics, before we hang it on our wall for sale. All of the photographs you see on our website are of the actual product and all photos are taken on-site, in our dedicated studio. We aim to show the clearest images of the guitars, so you can see every detail of your next purchase.

We also like to help you to find a specific guitar, please drop us a line as we are always trading in used guitars so you may just get what you're looking for, or we can engage with our customer database and try to search out your exact requirement. 

 If you're looking to trade in your guitar against a new one please send us some photos of your instrument and as much detail as you have on it.

If you're looking for used guitars then check back soon if we don't already have what you are after. Don't forget we have a great range of new guitars, effects, amps and PA. 

Benefits of Buying Second Hand Guitars

Pre Loved musical instruments especially guitars come with its benefits such as -

Cost Efficiency:

Find lots of affordable options for second hand guitars for sale nearby. Buying a used guitar can save you a lot of money compared to buying a new one. This means you can get a good-quality guitar without spending too much, giving you extra money for other music-related instruments.

Value Retention:

Check out a variety of used guitars in the UK for music lovers. If you take good care of a used guitar, it can keep its value over time. This means that besides enjoying playing, you might also be able to sell or trade it in the future and get some money back.

Diverse Options:

In the UK, there are lots of different second-hand guitars to choose from. You can find a variety of options, including rare and vintage guitars that you might not find as easily in new stores. This means you have a chance to discover special instruments that match how you like to play and what you prefer. We at our store – Musicstreet offer a wide range of used musical instruments.

Local Availability:

If you're in the UK, check out the nearby options for second-hand electric guitars. These guitars are often found locally, so you don't have to worry much about shipping. Plus, you can see and check the instruments in person before buying. This local availability makes your purchase more personal, and you can be sure about what you're getting. You can visit the Musicstreet store near Cambridgeshire to explore various options of vintage rare guitars.

Budget-Friendly Entry:

If you're into rare and vintage guitars or just starting to play music, getting a second-hand guitar is a budget-friendly way to begin. It's a clever way to try things out without spending a lot upfront, making it easier for everyone to get into playing guitars.

Customization Potential:

Some pre owned guitars in the UK, like 2nd hand electric guitars, might have custom changes, giving them a personal touch without the extra expense of additional modifications. This means you can discover a guitar that not only sounds fantastic but also matches your style preferences.

Environmental Impact:

Choosing used music equipment is good for the environment. It helps by making existing instruments last longer and decreases the need for making new ones. It's a small but important step towards being more environmentally friendly in how we enjoy music.

Negotiation Opportunities:

Looking for used electric guitars for sale in uk buyers often get the chance to negotiate. This means you can try to get a good deal based on things like the guitar's condition, included accessories, and more. This flexibility lets you customize the purchase to match your specific needs and likes.

Accessible Used Musical Equipment’s:

Discover our selection of used guitars that are in good condition and affordable – musical instruments that don't cost as much as new ones. This inclusivity means that people who are passionate about music can find guitar instruments like used guitar pedals, second hand left handed guitars, etc that suits both their interests and budget.

Historical and Unique Finds:

If you're checking out second-hand guitar sales or just looking at the market for used vintage electric guitars, you might come across special and historical preloved guitars. These could include rare models or limited edition pre owned guitars in the UK, adding more variety and history to your guitar collection. It's like finding hidden treasures with interesting stories that can enhance your musical experience.

How to Choose a Second Hand Guitar?

Research Brands and Guitar Models:

Before buying a used guitar, take some time to read online reviews, check forums, and consider expert opinions to learn about the reputation of different guitar brands and models, especially for electrical used guitars for sale. Figure out which ones align with your musical preferences and requirements.

Explore Local Listings & visit second hand guitar shops:

Check out online platforms like classified ads or community forums to find a range of used guitars for sale in your area. You can find both used acoustic guitar and vintage electric guitar options. Local listings not only save on shipping costs but also allow you to meet sellers face-to-face and inspect the instrument firsthand. The knowledgeable staff can provide insights into each instrument's history and may even let you play a few to compare.

Evaluate Used Guitar Condition:

When checking a used guitar, carefully inspect the body, neck, and fretboard for any wear, cracks, or damage, whether it's an acoustic or electric guitar. Also, examine the tuning pegs, bridge, and nut. Doing a thorough inspection helps you understand the overall condition of the pre owned guitars.

Playability Test:

Play the guitar using various styles and techniques to see how easy it is to play, especially if it's a rare & vintage electric guitar. Check if the neck feels comfortable and listen for any buzzing sounds. This hands-on test is important to make sure the guitar feels good when you play it.

Verify Authenticity:

Before buying a 2nd hand guitar, do some research on the model's features and verify the authenticity by checking the serial numbers, especially for well-known models like the used Fender Stratocaster. Make sure the guitar is not fake or misrepresented. This step helps you avoid potential scams.

Price Comparison:

Check online marketplaces, auction sites, and price guides to find out how much the specific used guitar model is worth. This applies whether it's a pre-loved guitar or a popular model like the Fender Stratocaster. With this information, you can negotiate with confidence and make sure you're not paying too much for the instrument.

Consider Customizations:

Check if the pre owned guitar has been modified or upgraded, whether it's an acoustic or electric one. Customizations can make the instrument better, but make sure they match what you like. Also, think about whether these changes affect how much you could sell the guitar for later.

Explore Rare and Vintage Options:

Look for rare and old guitars at vintage guitar shops or from specialized dealers, especially if you're looking for a used bass or other uncommon options. Vintage guitars usually have a cool history and unique qualities that can make your collection more interesting.

Inquire About History and Maintenance:

Talk to the experts of the store selling the guitar and ask about its history, like how much it was played and if any fixes or maintenance were done. This information can tell you how well the guitar has been taken care of over time.

Trustworthy Sources:

When buying a used guitar, go for well-known sellers or trusted shops that sell second-hand guitars, especially those with good reviews. These reliable sources have clear buying processes and often give guarantees or return options, making sure your purchase is safe and enjoyable.

Major Differences Between New and Second Hand Guitars:


New Guitars

Second-Hand Guitars


Higher price tag

Potential cost savings


Pristine, no wear or tear

May show signs of use, condition varies


Limited to current models and releases

Diverse selection, including rare and vintage models


May require a "playing-in" period

Often more comfortable, played in feel


Limited to factory specifications

May feature custom modifications or upgrades

Value Retention

Initial depreciation upon purchase

Used guitars can retain value well, some vintage models appreciate


Immediately available from retailers

Found through local listings, used guitar shops, online

Historical Significance

Lack historical context or unique stories

May have historical or sentimental value

Environmental Impact

Contribute to demand for new production

Contribute to sustainable practices by extending life

Negotiation Opportunities

Prices are typically fixed

Often room for negotiation, especially in private sales

Rare Finds

Limited to current market releases

Opportunities to find rare and vintage models

Local Accessibility

Can be purchased from any authorized dealer

May be found locally, allowing in-person inspections

Types of Used Guitars Available For Sale

1. Pre Loved Acoustic Guitars:

- Different shapes and sizes, from jumbo and dreadnought to smaller parlor guitars.
- Each has its own character, making it a great companion for musicians in the pre-loved collection.

2. Used Electric Guitars:

- Perfect for classic rock, blues, or jazz.
- Look for iconic brands and models for your musical journey.
- Find a variety of options in the UK that won't cost you too much, helping you get the perfect instrument without spending a lot.

3. Second Hand Bass Guitars:

- Budget-friendly entry for groove lovers.
- Perfect for playing funky tunes or creating a strong rhythm.

4. Used & Vintage Classical Guitars:

- Rich history and matured sound.
- Perfect for classical enthusiasts or adding elegance to your playing.

5. Used & Rare Resonator Guitars:

- Distinctive metal cones for blues, bluegrass, or slide-playing.
- Explore the second hand market for these unique guitar gems.

6. Used Travel Guitars-

- Great for musicians on the go or quick jam sessions anywhere.
- Affordable options for spontaneous music moments.

7. Custom Guitars:

- Seek personalized playing experiences through pre-owned guitars in the UK.
- Find a guitar crafted with care to match your style and preferences.

8. Limited Edition Guitars:

- Discover unique features in limited edition used guitars.
- Stand out with exclusivity and rarity in your collection.

Amp up your sound without breaking the bank – explore our collection of budget-friendly used amps for sale2nd hand effect pedalsUsed guitar basses, etc., and turn up the volume on your musical adventures. Also, elevate your tone with precision and style by exploring our inventory of top-quality used effect pedals, each one offering a unique sonic palette to enhance your playing experience.

If you have a guitar you'd like to trade for a new guitar please contact us with as much information and detailed photo's so we can give you a good indication of a fair trade-in price.

Let us know if you'd like to make a change; we accept part-exchange!

Visit us at MusicStreet to keep up with all the latest offers and great prices on new and preowned guitars & musical instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it Worth Buying Used Guitars?

Yes, it's worth buying pre loved guitars because you can save money, choose from various models, including rare ones, and find instruments with a special character and history. Just make sure to check the guitar's condition, how well it plays, and learn about its history before you decide to buy.

2. How long do guitars last?

Guitars, if well-maintained, can last a lifetime. Factors such as construction quality, proper care, and occasional maintenance contribute to the longevity of a guitar. Vintage guitars, in particular, can retain their value and continue to be playable for generations with the right care.

3. Do you provide any warranty on second hand guitars?

Yes, we provide a warranty for 3 months for all our used second hand guitars.

4. Are older guitars more valuable?

Yes, older guitars are often more valuable, especially if they're rare, vintage, or linked to famous musicians due to unique craftsmanship, historical significance, and limited availability.

5. Which brand of used guitars are available to buy?

You can find a wide range of second hand guitars, including brands like Gibson, PRS, Spector, Fender, Martin, Musicman, etc. at our store.

6. Do you offer ex-display guitars & B-Stock guitars?

Yes, we do provide a wide range of ex-display guitars & B-Stock guitars with a warranty of 1 year to ensure the user is well secured.