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Cornell valve guitar amplification. Boutique amplifiers ranging from small practice amplifiers to full stage amplifiers.

Cornell Amps artists include : Eric Clapton, Paul Cuddeford, Andy Fairweather Low, Wilko Johnson, Hank Marvin, Robin Trower ,KT Tunstall

High end bespoke valve guitar amplifiers hand built by Denis Cornell. Boutique amplifiers ranging from small practice amplifiers to full stage amplifiers. Cornell amps are still made individually by hand in a small workshop in SouthEnd in Essex.

Cornell amps

are designed and hand built by Denis Cornell from his Southend workshop (Essex). The product is 100% British, not assembled elsewhere and badged “Made in the UK” simply because they put a badge on saying so. Now in the 25th year of production Cornell amps are still going strong and coveted by many great guitar players.

Denis is a highly respected engineer and has been involved in the music trade for probably much longer than he cares to remember, including work at Sound City and Vox in the golden age of British amplification.

Cornell amps are hand-wired and constructed without the need for printed circuit boards, using high quality components to the most exacting standards. PCB's are mainly used in mass produced amplifiers, including many popular “boutique valve” brands and affect the tone of an amp due to their inherent capacitance and can also introduce problematic maintenance issues. There are few boutique amplifiers on the market which are truly point-to-point hand wired without the use of pcb’s and generally are more expensive than most guitarists want to spend.

We find that Cornell amps are not only an affordable solution but excellent value for money given the build quality and reliability, that's enough reasons for us to stock Cornell Amps as well as their superb sound quality. call in and try one for yourself to see why we're raving about Cornell Amps. We also have a great range of amplifiers new and used at MusicStreet.

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