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Did you know that you can maximise your acoustic-electric guitar's sound output with a reliable acoustic amplifier? While a standard acoustic guitar traditionally has an unmistakable resonance, you can modify the quality of your stringed instrument's sound with an electric-based acoustic guitar. These guitars feature the same sound quality as a traditional acoustic guitar, and with a Blackstar acoustic amp, you can heighten your acoustic's natural sound.

Blackstar Acoustic Amps

Our Blackstar acoustic amp is one of the best acoustic amps on the market. This is due primarily to its reliable sound quality that focuses on honing an acoustic guitar's fresh sound rather than reverberating its quality into something else.

MusicStreet offers a wide range of Blackstar acoustic amps for you to choose from depending on the environment you will be playing your instrument. Do you want a professional acoustic guitar amp that amplifies your guitar's natural sound quality in a compact form? Our Blackstar Sonnet is a favoured acoustic amplifier among musicians. Infused with Bluetooth audio and an MP3/line input, you can craft versatile performances for a wide range of audiences and genres of music with the Blackstar Sonnet.

Whether you need an acoustic amp for an intimate gig at your local cafe or to perform in front of a large audience, a Blackstar acoustic amp is an affordable, high-quality option to consider. Please browse our selection of Blackstar bass and guitar amps to find an amplifier that improves your instrument's sound quality!