YAMAHA electric guitars



Renowned for the excellent quality Yamaha guitars are a great choice for any level of player. From the entry range Pacifica 112's all the way up to the much loved SG range and the high end semi hollow bodies. Yamaha really are a brand that offers something for every player. If you want something that is a little different but that retains the high quality in guitar that you expect, then look no further than the Yamaha guitar range.

About the Yamaha Electric Guitars

Yamaha guitars are widely trusted by some of the biggest names in electric guitars, including: Mike Stern, Hamish Stuart and Carlos Santana.

They manufacture a range of other equipment other than guitars including pianos, PA and live sound as well as drum kits. The guitars are renowned for resonant tone and sought after sustain and resonant sustain. These qualities make their electric guitars a favourite of many leading musicians across genres.

Yamaha SG Electric Guitars

Shown 40 of 80 products of Japan's most popular guitar company. The SG series was made by Yamaha's highly skilled master luthiers. Today's SG guitar series is one of the world's most iconic Yamaha electric guitars. Played famously by Carlos Santana! If Carlos plays one you know they are good guitars.

Yamaha Pacifica 112 Electric Guitar

The Yamaha Pacifica series originally designed in collaboration with Yamaha Guitar Development (YGD), Yamaha guitars Los Angeles custom shop, Pacifica guitars have offered professional performance and expressive versatility since 1990.

Check out the Yamaha Pacifica 112j in yellow natural satin  for a great place to start with the Pacifica range, these guitars are often used by beginners when starting out playing due to their excellent playability and great affordability in price.

If the entry model Yamaha 112's don't take your fancy you can always opt for the Yamaha Pacifica 612 which comes loaded full of great tone and playability, fully loaded with Seymore Duncan pickups.

Yamaha Revstar Guitars

Drawing from the stylish lines and honed performance of the Café Racer bikes that graced the streets of 1960s London, Revstar embraces the concept of being stripped down, tuned up and dialled in.

Something a little different to the more expensive Yamaha SG Electric Guitar range but graced with superb looks, playability and great tone.

Check out the Yamaha Revstar Electric Guitar and see for yourself.

Yamaha SA2200 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar range

High end semi-acoustic electric guitars are something Yamaha have been experts at for decades now and the beautiful Yamaha SA2200 guitar model is no exception! This professional level guitar plays and sounds as good as it looks which is excellent because this guitar is stunning!

What are some popular models of Yamaha Electric Guitars available in the UK market?

Here are some popular models of Yamaha Electric Guitar available in the UK market

  1. Yamaha SA2200 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar
  2. Yamaha RSP02T Revstar
  3. Yamaha SG1802 Black
  4. Yamaha RSS20 Revstar