rock 'n roll relics

Rock 'n Roll Relics


After decades as a touring musician and guitar tech, he has shredded guitars and rebuilt them over and over. He launched Rock 'n Roll Relics in 2005 to hand build radical sounding, playing, and looking guitars.

It's only Rock 'n Roll but Billy Rowe from BuckCherry lives it.

Rock 'n Roll Relics perform like the finest examples of the classics that inspired them.

However, they do not exhibit the common issues that plague most vintage guitars.
These guitars are ready for making music in the studio and on the road.

Musicstreet are excited to carry these handcrafted, Rock 'n Roll machines exclusively in the UK!
Attention-demanding looks, solid construction, and innovative enhancements impress us and the classic tones inspire us.

If you're after something we don't currently have, please contact us for lead times and options on these incredible tone machines

What are some popular models of Rock N' Roll Relics electric guitars available in the UK market?

Here are some popular models of Rock 'n Roll Relics Electric Guitar that can be found  in the UK market 

  1. Rock 'n Roll Relics Heartbreaker - Dirty Burst
  2. Rock 'n Roll Relics Thunders II Black
  3. Rock 'n Roll Relics Blackheart Tobacco Burst
  4. Rock 'n Roll Relics Thunders SC Shoreline Gold
  5. Rock 'n Roll Relics Revenge