Modern Eagle V

Modern Eagle V

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The Modern Eagle V began as a Private Stock

Now available as part of the regular Core production,

it features high-quality appointments, like its gorgeous maple top and mahogany neck and back; that players have come to expect from the PRS custom shop. It's also capable of a staggering 17 different pickup configurations, courtesy of its five-coil hum/single/hum pickup layout, a push/pull tone knob, and a mini toggle that turns its humbuckers into single-coils.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the PRS Modern Eagle V?

The PRS Modern Eagle V is a high-end Electric Guitar from Paul Reed Smith that combines vintage craftsmanship with modern features. It's known for its exceptional tonal quality, versatile sound capabilities, and stunning aesthetic, making it a coveted instrument among discerning guitarists.

2. How does the PRS Modern Eagle V stand out from other electric guitars?

The PRS Modern Eagle V stands out due to its unique blend of classic and contemporary elements, including state-of-the-art electronics, custom pickups, and a sophisticated switching system. This allows for a wide array of tones, from clear, crisp cleans to rich, warm overdrives, suitable for various music genres.

3. Can I find the PRS Modern Eagle V at Musicstreet, one of the best guitar shops in the UK?

Yes, Musicstreet, recognized as one of the best guitar shops in the UK, often features exclusive and high-end models like the PRS Modern Eagle V in their collection. Their expert staff can provide detailed information and advice about this premium guitar, ensuring you make an informed decision.

4. Is the PRS Modern Eagle V a good choice for players interested in Acoustic Guitar or Bass Guitar tones?

While the PRS Modern Eagle V is primarily an Electric Guitar, its advanced electronics and pickup configurations can emulate a wide range of tones, including those reminiscent of an Acoustic Guitar. However, for authentic Acoustic Guitar or Bass Guitar sounds, dedicated acoustic or bass models would be more suitable.

5. Are there any Classical Guitar features in the PRS Modern Eagle V?

The PRS Modern Eagle V is designed with versatility in mind, but it doesn't specifically incorporate Classical Guitar features, as it's tailored towards electric guitar players. Those seeking a nylon-string sound or classical guitar playability might explore classical or hybrid models for a more authentic experience.