Aria was formed in Japan in 1956 by Shiro Arai as "Arai & Co., Inc". They began manufacturing their own until 1964. Aria arranged for Matsumoku, the musical instrument maker, to build the guitars for them under license.

About Aria Guitars

Aria Guitars is a company that makes musical instruments, especially guitars. It started in Japan in the 1950s. The person who started the company is named Shiro Arai. At first, the company was called "Arai & Co., Inc." and they used to buy and sell guitars made by other companies. But soon, they began making their own guitars.

Aria Guitars became well-known for making high-quality guitars that didn't cost too much. This made them very popular, especially with people who were just starting to learn how to play the guitar. Over the years, they have made many different kinds of guitars, including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and bass guitars.

The company has worked with some famous guitar players to create special guitars. This has helped Aria Guitars to become even more popular around the world especially with the Aria Bass Guitars. Today, Aria Guitars are sold in many countries, and many musicians, from beginners to professionals, like to use them.

Why Choose An Aria Bass Guitar?

Choosing an Aria Bass Guitar is a smart decision for any bassist looking to enhance their sound and playability. Here's why:

  • Unmatched Sound Quality: Each Aria Bass is engineered for a rich, immersive sound experience. Whether you're laying down a groove or stepping into a solo, the clarity and depth of an Aria guitar shine through every note.
  • Ease of Play: Designed with the musician in mind, Aria bass guitars offer unparalleled comfort and ease of play. From the fretboard to the body, every aspect is crafted to enhance your playing experience, making long sessions more enjoyable.
  • Built to Last: Durability is key with these Guitars. Constructed from select materials, these basses are designed to endure the demands of both live performances and studio sessions.
  • Versatility: These guitars cater to a wide range of musical genres and styles. Whether you're into funk, rock, jazz, or classical, there's an Aria Bass that's perfect for your sound.
  • Affordability: They offer good value for money. You get a high-quality instrument without having to spend a lot of money, which is great especially if you're just starting out.
  • Reputation: Aria has been making guitars since the 1950s and has a solid reputation in the music world. Choosing an Aria bass means you're getting an instrument from a brand that's respected by musicians.

Opting for an Aria Bass Guitar from Musicstreet not only sets you up with a top-quality instrument but also connects you to a community of passionate musicians.

How To Select A Right Aria Bass Guitar For You?

Finding the perfect Aria Guitar for your needs is exciting. Here’s how to make sure you pick the right one:

  • Understand Your Style: Your music style greatly influences your choice. Whether you lean towards jazz, rock, or any genre in between, there's an Aria Bass tailored for your sound.
  • Skill Level: Think about your experience. If you're a beginner, you might want a simpler, more affordable model. More experienced players might look for advanced features and higher quality.
  • Consider the Size and Shape: Comfort is key when playing any instrument. Try different Aria Bass models to see which one feels right in your hands. The Aria Pro Bass Guitar lineup offers a range of shapes and sizes to suit any player.
  • Look at the Features: Pay attention to the features like the type of pickups, the number of frets, and the material of the Aria Bass Guitar. Each detail affects the sound and playability. For instance, Aria Electric Bass guitars come with different pickup configurations for a wide range of tones.
  • Set Your Budget: Aria Guitars offer great value, but it’s important to know how much you want to spend. Whether you’re looking at a high-end Aria Pro II Bass Guitar or a more affordable Aria Bass, there’s an option that fits your budget.
  • Research and Reviews: Spend some time looking up information and reviews on different Aria Bass models. This can give you insight into how they perform in real-world settings, which can be particularly helpful.

Choosing the right Aria Bass Guitar means finding the one that feels like an extension of yourself. With the diverse range of Aria Guitars at Musicstreet, you’re sure to find the instrument that not only meets your needs but also inspires your creativity.

How To Maintain Your Aria Guitars?

Maintaining an Aria Guitar in prime condition is crucial for its sound quality and longevity. Here's a straightforward guide to Guitar Care for your instrument:

  • Gentle Cleaning: Dust and grime can compromise the performance of an Aria Guitar It's advisable to lightly wipe the guitar with a soft, dry cloth after playing. For stubborn spots, a damp cloth can be used, followed by a thorough dry wipe.
  • String Replacement: The strings on an Aria Bass or guitar can collect dirt and degrade over time, affecting the sound. Regularly changing the strings, depending on play frequency, ensures the music remains vibrant.
  • Humidity Management: Wooden instruments like Aria Guitars can be sensitive to extreme humidity levels, leading to warping or cracking. Keeping the guitar in an environment with stable humidity, ideally within the 45-55 Degree range, helps maintain its structural integrity.
  • Fretboard Care: The fretboard needs occasional attention to prevent drying and cracking, especially for materials like rosewood or ebony. A specialized fretboard conditioner applied sparingly can keep it in optimal condition.
  • Appropriate Storage: When not in use, storing the guitar in a case protects it from dust, humidity, and accidental damage. Ensuring the guitar, whether an Aria Electric or an acoustic model, is stored in a stable temperature setting is also crucial.
  • Routine Inspections: Regular check-ups by a professional can keep the guitar in its best playing condition. Adjustments to action and intonation, along with a general health check, can catch issues before they become serious.

Caring for an Aria Guitar is about more than just maintaining its appearance; it's about ensuring each note and chord resonates with clarity and beauty. By adhering to these maintenance tips, the instrument will continue to deliver exceptional performance and joy to both player and audience.

Top Guitarists That Use Aria Guitars

Several iconic guitarists have been known to choose Aria Guitars for their exceptional sound quality and good build. Here's a closer look at some well-known musicians who have played Aria instruments:

  • Cliff Burton: Famous for his role in Metallica, Burton often played an Aria Pro II Bass, showcasing its powerful sound and durability. Cliff Burton’s choice of a Bass Guitar played a significant role in crafting the heavy, melodic undertones of the band's early hits.
  • Neal Schon: As a member of Journey, Schon has occasionally used Aria Electric Guitar into his performances, demonstrating the brand's versatility and rich tonal quality. Neal Schon’s preference for Aria reflects the brand's reliability and excellence in sound production.
  • Mick Karn: Renowned for his work with Japan, Mick Karn favored the Aria Pro II Bass for its distinctive sound and playability. His use of the Aria Bass contributed to the band's unique blend of art rock and new wave sounds.
  • Yngwie Malmsteen: Known for his neoclassical metal style, Yngwie Malmsteen has occasionally been seen wielding an Aria Pro II. His technical precision and fast play are complemented by the Aria Guitar's responsive fretboard and clear tone.
  • Frank Gambale: Esteemed for his jazz fusion work, Gambale has showcased the versatility of Aria Electric Guitars, particularly the Aria Pro II models. Frank Gambale’s complex chordal work and speedy runs highlight the instrument's clarity and responsiveness.
  • Robbie Krieger: The Doors' guitarist, Robbie Krieger has occasionally incorporated Aria Guitars into his arsenal, attracted by their unique sounds and designs, such as the Aria STG Series.

These guitarists, among others, have contributed to Aria Guitars' reputation as a brand capable of meeting the demands of professional musicians across genres. Whether for recording or live performances, Aria has been a top choice for guitarists across various genres, underlining the brand's commitment to excellence and innovation in guitar manufacturing.

Best Accessories For Aira Bass Guitar

Elevating the playing experience with an Aria Bass Guitar goes beyond the instrument itself. The right Guitar accessories not only enhance playability but also ensure the longevity and maintenance of the bass. Here's an expanded list of essential add-ons for an Aria Bass:

Strap Buttons / Straplock

  • Essential for securing a Guitar, high-quality strap buttons or strap locks provide stability and confidence during energetic performances, preventing accidental drops.

Guitar Stands

  • A good guitar stand is important for safely storing an Aria Bass when not in use, protecting it from potential damage and keeping it readily accessible for the next jam session.


  • Adding a pedalboard into the setup allows for creative sound manipulation, offering endless possibilities in shaping the Aria Bass's tone to suit various musical styles and preferences.

Guitar Strings

  • The right set of guitar strings can dramatically affect the sound and feel. Regular replacement with quality strings ensures the bass always sounds fresh and vibrant.

Guitar Cables

  • Investing in reliable, high-quality guitar cables is crucial for transmitting the Aria Bass's true sound without interference or loss, ensuring the best possible audio quality for recordings and live performances.

Tuners / Metronomes

  • Accurate tuners and metronomes are important tools for any bassist, helping to keep the Aria Bass perfectly in tune and maintaining timing precision during practice and performance.

Guitar Amp

  • Selecting the right guitar amp can greatly amplify and enhance the natural sound of an Aria Bass Guitar, catering to the nuanced needs of different playing environments.

Microphone Accessories

  • For recording or amplifying an Aria Acoustic Bass Guitar, high-quality microphone accessories, including stands and clips, ensure optimal positioning and sound capture.

Musicstreet, a top rated guitar shop in UK provides an extensive selection of accessories tailored for Aria Bass Guitars, ensuring that every bassist has access to the tools and add-ons needed to elevate their playing experience. From essential maintenance kits to performance-enhancing gadgets, Musicstreet is the go-to destination for enriching the journey with an Aria Bass guitar.

Why To Buy Aria Bass Guitar From Musicstreet Store?

Opting for an Aria bass guitar from Musicstreet Store is a wise decision for several compelling reasons. Here's why Musicstreet stands out as the premier choice:

  • Expert Insights: The team at Musicstreet is not only passionate about music but also deeply knowledgeable about the Aria guitar company and its offerings. They provide personalized advice to help you select the ideal Aria bass guitar, ensuring it meets your musical aspirations and style.
  • Extensive Range: Musicstreet prides itself on offering a diverse selection of Aria guitars, including coveted models like the Aria Pro 2 and the Aria STG series. Whether you're drawn to the Cliff Burton signature Aria bass guitar or interested in exploring the Pignose guitar lineup, you're likely to find the perfect match. We also offer second hand guitars for people looking for premium guitars at affordable prices.
  • Value for Money: At Musicstreet, affordability meets quality. The store presents competitive pricing across its Aria guitars collection as well as other top brands like PRS guitars, Martin guitars, Duesenberg guitars, Yamaha Revstar, etc. accommodating a broad spectrum of budgets. Be it the premium Aria Pro bass II to the more accessible Aria electro models, value is a guarantee.
  • Reliable Support: Post-purchase support is a cornerstone of the Musicstreet experience. From maintenance advice to repair services, the store ensures your chosen Aria bass guitar remains in prime condition, enhancing its longevity and playability.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can Beginners Use Aria Bass Guitars?

Aria Bass Guitars are a fantastic choice for beginners. They're designed to be comfortable and easy to play, which is perfect for those just starting their musical journey. The Aria Pro 2 Bass, for instance, is known for its user-friendly features and playability, making it an excellent option for new players.

2. What Is Special About Aria Bass Guitars?

The unique aspect of Aria Bass Guitars lies in their exceptional craftsmanship that combines traditional techniques with modern innovations. Instruments like the Aria Pro II Guitar are celebrated for their superior sound and innovative designs. The Aria Bass Guitar Cliff Burton model, in particular, is notable for its historical significance and distinctive sound.

3. Which Is The Best Aria Bass Guitar?

Identifying the "best" Aria Bass Guitar largely depends on personal preferences and the specific requirements of the player. Aria Pro II offers a range of electric bass guitars known for their quality craftsmanship and versatile sound, with models like the SB-1000 being popular choices. Additionally, for those interested in a piece of music history, the Cliff Burton Aria Bass Guitar is highly sought after.

4. Do Aria Guitars Only Make Bass Guitars?

No, Aria Guitars doesn't only make bass guitars. They also produce a wide range of electric and acoustic guitars, catering to a variety of musical styles and player levels. Their lineup includes the popular Aria Acoustic Guitars and Aria Pro Guitars. The Aria Pro II Acoustic Guitar, for example, demonstrates the brand's versatility and commitment to catering to all musicians.

5. What Are Aria Guitars Made Of?

Aria Guitars are made from top-quality materials, including different woods that help to give them their unique sound and make them strong. For instance, guitars like the Aria Pro II and Aria Acoustic feature woods such as mahogany, maple, and rosewood. Each of these woods is picked because of the way it affects the guitar's tone and because it's durable.

6. Are Aria Guitars Worth It?

Aria guitars are generally seen as good value for their price. Renowned for their build quality and sound, Aria Guitars offer value and performance, making them a reliable choice for both beginners and experienced players.

7. Where Are Aria Bass Guitars Made?

Aria bass guitars are primarily made in Japan, where the company started. Besides Japan, Aria guitars are also manufactured in countries like South Korea, China, and Indonesia. These locations help Aria offer a variety of models at different price points to suit more players.