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Matchless Amplifiers Exclusively through Musicstreet in the UK

we have various models on order at all times, new orders have approximately 12 months lead time from initiation of order.
We require a 20% deposit so we can place the order with Matchless and guarantee the price.

Did you know that Matchless amps are one of the best amplifiers you can get?

The sound quality produced when listening to music is vital to consider when becoming a musician. Audio output can significantly impact listeners' connection to your music.

Due to their versatile design and high-quality construction, Matchless amplifiers are an excellent choice for professional musicians on the go. When you are ready to upgrade your music's sound output, you should check out MusicStreet's Matchless amps.

Matchless Amplifiers

Matchless amplifiers first became tools used by musicians in 1989. They are well known for their versatile features, including extension cabinets and high-tech pedals. A Matchless amp is unique compared to a regular amplifier as it has less wiring to attach to a system and produces a better tone.

Why do Matchless amps rank superior to traditional sound systems? Professional musicians prefer these electronic models as they are carefully hand wired with high-quality materials. Additionally, they are known to be quite durable and come in multiple models, including cabinet, less than 30 Watts, greater than 30 Watts, and those exclusively for bass.

Our Matchless HC-30 30W EL84 Head comes in a few colours to choose from as you explore unique voicing and tone control layouts on your amplifier.

Whether you are a professional in the music industry or a beginning musician looking for a durable and versatile machine, you can find affordable Matchless amplifiers in the UK through MusicStreet.