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Martin is highly regarded for its steel-string guitars and is a leading manufacturer of flattop acoustics, run by the Martin family throughout its history. The current chairman and CEO, C.F. 'Chris' Martin IV, is the great-great-great-grandson of the founder. The firm was the first to introduce many of the characteristic features of the modern flattop, steel-strung acoustic guitar. Influential innovations include the Dreadnought body style and scalloped bracing.

About Martin Guitars

Martin Guitars is one of the leading brands that makes guitars. This company was started a long time ago, in 1833, by a man named Christian Frederick Martin. It is based in the United States, in a place called Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Martin Guitars is well-known for creating high-quality acoustic guitars. An acoustic guitar is a type of guitar that doesn't need electricity to make sound; it uses the hollow body of the guitar to amplify the sound of the strings. People love Martin Guitars because they sound really good, they're made with great care, and they last a long time.

Martin Guitars also has been a leader in using sustainable materials to make their guitars. This means they try to use wood and other materials that are gathered in ways that don't hurt the environment.

Why To Choose Martin Guitars?

Martin guitars are the preferred choice by many guitar enthusiasts for the following reasons:

Exceptional Sound Quality

Martin Guitars produces beautiful and clear music that sounds nice when you play it. This makes Martin guitars a favorite among musicians and guitar lovers.

A Guitar for Every Need

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced performer, Martin has a guitar to suit your needs. From the travel-friendly Martin Backpacker guitar, designed for musicians on the move, to the wide range of acoustic and acoustic-electric models, there's a Martin guitar for every player and occasion.

Built to Last

When you get a Martin guitar, you're investing in quality. These guitars are known for their durability. They are built strong, so they won't break easily. Martin guitars are something you can pass down to the next generation.

The Martin Legacy

Choosing a Martin guitar means you're part of a legacy. This brand has been around since the 1830s, making Martin guitars some of the most respected in the world. They have a proven track record and are trusted by many famous musicians. It's not just a guitar; it's a piece of history.

Wide Range of Choices

Martin Guitars offers a diverse lineup, from the classic Martin dreadnought to the elegant Martin classical guitar. Each model has its unique charm and characteristics, giving you plenty of options to find a perfect match. Also, We offer a wide range of electric guitars from top brands to choose from.

The Feel of the Martin Guitar

There's something special about the feel of a Martin guitar in your hands. The craftsmanship, the smoothness of the fretboard, and the way it sits against your body – it's a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Sustainable Practices

Martin is committed to using materials that are sourced in an environmentally friendly way, so choosing their guitars also means supporting sustainable practices.

Resale Value:

Martin Guitars often retain their value over time, making them a good investment.

Community and Support:

Owning a Martin Guitar gives you access to a community of passionate musicians and support for your instrument.

How are Martin Guitars made?

Martin guitars are crafted from top-quality tonewoods such as spruce, mahogany, and rosewood, playing a crucial role in creating their rich and clear tones. These materials are selected with care to ensure outstanding sound.

Furthermore, Martin Guitars strikes a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. They deeply respect and use age-old craftsmanship techniques that have been refined over many generations. However, they also embrace modern innovations whenever it improve the guitar's performance, resulting in instruments that honor tradition while offering enhanced playability and sound quality.

Most Popular Martin Guitar Series

  • Standard Series (D):

    Description: These guitars are known for their classic Dreadnought shape, which is larger and produces a powerful, versatile sound suitable for various music genres.
    Models: D-28 and D-18 are iconic examples. The D-28 features a solid Sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides, while the D-18 has a mahogany back and sides.
    Technical Details: These guitars typically have a 14-fret neck joint, scalloped bracing, and premium tonewoods for a balanced tone with rich bass and clear trebles.

  • 15-Series:

    Description: The 15-Series guitars are known for their all-mahogany construction, which gives them a warm and mellow tone.
    Models: The 000-15M is a popular choice, featuring a smaller body size for comfortable playing and a warm, intimate sound.
    Technical Details: The mahogany top, back, sides, and neck contribute to the unique character of these guitars. They often have a satin finish for a vintage look.

  • Performing Artist Series:

    Description: Designed for stage performance, these guitars offer modern features like cutaways for easy access to higher frets and built-in electronics for amplification.
    Models: The GPCPA4 is a standout model, known for its comfortable Grand Performance body shape and Fishman electronics.
    Technical Details: These guitars come with various pickup options and controls for tone shaping, making them ideal for live performances.

  • X-Series:

    Description: The X-Series offers affordability without sacrificing Martin's quality and craftsmanship, making them great choices for beginners and budget-conscious musicians.
    Models: The DX1AE is a popular model, featuring a solid Sitka spruce top and high-pressure laminate (HPL) back and sides.
    Technical Details: HPL construction helps keep the cost down, and they often come with Fishman electronics for amplified playing.

  • Road Series:

    Description: Built for durability and portability, these guitars are favored by gigging musicians who need reliable instruments for the road.
    Models: The D-10E is a representative model, offering a balance between affordability and performance.
    Technical Details: These guitars may have solid tops and HPL back and sides, along with features like high-quality tuners and robust construction for travel.

  • OM-Series:

    Description: The OM-Series offers a balanced and versatile sound suitable for various music styles, making them a favorite among fingerstyle players.
    Models: OM-28 is a classic choice, known for its tonal clarity and comfortable Orchestra Model body shape.
    Technical Details: These guitars often feature solid tonewoods, such as Sitka spruce or Adirondack spruce tops and various back and side wood options.

  • 00-Series:

    Description: Smaller in size and comfortable to play, 00-Series guitars are known for their warm and intimate sound.
    Models: The 00-28 is a popular model, featuring a smaller Grand Concert body shape and a sweet, balanced tone.
    Technical Details: These guitars often have solid wood construction and scalloped bracing for enhanced tonal responsiveness.

  • Custom Signature Series:

    Description: These guitars are created in collaboration with famous artists, featuring unique specifications tailored to their preferences, such as custom inlays, tonewoods, and finishes.
    Models: Examples include the Eric Clapton Signature Series, with models like the OM-ECHF Navy Blues, and the John Mayer Signature Series with the OMJM.
    Technical Details: These guitars may incorporate artist-specific modifications, like V-shaped necks or special electronics.

  • Heritage Series:

    Description: The Heritage Series pays tribute to Martin's rich history by recreating classic models from the past, capturing the vintage charm and sound of Martin's earliest instruments.
    Models: Examples include the D-45 Authentic 1942 , 2007 Martin 000-28EC Clapton Signature Acoustic Guitar
    Technical Details: These guitars meticulously replicate the design, materials, and craftsmanship of vintage Martin guitars, often featuring Adirondack spruce tops and aged tonewoods for an authentic vintage tone.

  • Authentic Series:

    Description: The Authentic Series aims to faithfully reproduce the iconic pre-war Martin guitars, maintaining historical accuracy in design, materials, and craftsmanship.
    Models: Examples include the 1939 D-18 Authentic and the 1937 000-42 Authentic.
    Technical Details: These guitars are highly sought after by collectors and purists for their precise replication of pre-war specifications, including hand-scalloped bracing, vintage-style neck profiles, and premium tonewoods.

These Martin Guitar series cater to a wide range of players, ensuring there's a Martin model to suit every taste, style, and budget.

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Wide Variety of Guitars and Accessories:

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Expert Guidance:

We have a team of experts who are passionate about guitars and have in-depth knowledge of various guitar brands and models. Their expertise can be invaluable when you're looking to select the perfect Martin Guitar to suit your style and needs. Their guidance ensures that you make an informed choice.

Used Guitars:

If you're interested in exploring budget-friendly options or vintage guitars, Musicstreet's collection of second hand guitars as well as pre-owned guitars is worth considering. These guitars have been carefully inspected and curated to provide you with high-quality used instruments at competitive prices.

Discounts and Offers:

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Local Convenience:

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What Other Accessories Should I Buy With Martin Guitars?

When you purchase a Martin guitar, you're acquiring one of the premier acoustic guitars on the market, celebrated for its rich sound and exceptional craftsmanship. To fully enjoy and maintain your Martin guitar, it's advisable to consider adding a few key guitar accessories to your collection.

First and foremost, protecting your guitar is crucial. A guitar case or gig bag is essential for safeguarding your instrument against physical damage. Opt for a hard case if you need robust protection, especially for travel or storage in varying conditions. On the other hand, a gig bag offers a lighter, more portable solution for everyday carry.

Next, the quality of your sound can significantly benefit from having extra sets of strings on hand. Martin guitars are renowned for their tonal quality, which can be maintained with high-quality acoustic guitar strings that suit your playing style and the sound you aim to achieve.

Additionally, a capo is an invaluable tool for any guitarist. It allows for swift changes in pitch, enabling you to explore different keys without altering your finger positioning. This is particularly useful for singers and songwriters looking to match the key of their guitar with their vocals.

For those who prefer playing their guitar while standing, a guitar strap is a must. Ensure it's comfortable, adjustable, and made from durable material to support your play sessions without discomfort. To play comfortably while standing, you'll need strap buttons/strap locks. These keep your guitar strap secure and prevent any accidental drops. Tuning your guitar is a routine necessity, and a clip-on tuner offers a convenient and precise way to ensure your guitar is always ready to play. While smartphone apps are available, a dedicated tuner is typically more reliable, especially in noisy environments.

The maintenance of your guitar strings can be made easier with a string winder and cutter. This tool simplifies the process of changing strings, making it quicker and more efficient. To keep your Martin guitar in good condition, regular cleaning with a quality polish and a soft cloth is recommended. This not only preserves the appearance of your guitar but also protects its wood.

Finally, experimenting with different picks can enhance your playing experience. Picks vary in shape, size, and material, affecting the feel and sound of your playing. Try out several to find the ones that best complement your style. Investing in these accessories not only ensures that your Martin guitar remains in excellent condition but also enhances your playing experience, whether you're practicing at home or in front of an audience on stage.


  1. What sounds better, Taylor or Martin guitar?

    Both Taylor and Martin guitars have their unique sound. Taylor guitars are known for their bright and clear tones, while Martin guitars have a warm and rich sound. It ultimately depends on your preference. Explore both and choose the one that suits your style.

  2. Are Martin guitars good?

    Yes, Martin guitars are good. They have a long history of making high-quality instruments that musicians love. The craftsmanship and sound quality of Martin guitars are top-notch, making them a trusted choice among guitar enthusiasts.

  3. Are Martin guitars good for beginners?

    Yes, Martin guitars can be great for beginners! While they are known for professional-quality guitars, Martin also offers entry-level models that are easy to play and sound wonderful. It's a brand that beginners can grow with.

  4. Are Martin guitars handmade?

    Yes, many Martin guitars are handmade. This means skilled craftsmen put a lot of care and attention into making each guitar, ensuring they have excellent quality and sound. However, Martin also uses modern manufacturing techniques for some parts of the process to maintain consistent quality.

  5. What is the most famous Martin guitar?

    The most famous Martin guitar is probably the Martin D-28. It's an iconic model known for its rich and powerful sound. Many legendary musicians have played the D-28, making it an iconic symbol of acoustic guitars.

  6. Do Martins sound better with age?

    Yes, Martin guitars often sound better with age. As the wood used to make the guitar matures, it can lead to a richer and more resonant tone. This aging process helps the guitar produce a warmer and more vibrant sound over time.