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Used Guitars / Basses

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Used Guitars / Basses | Musicstreet

At Musicstreet, we always have a great selection of Second Hand Instruments coming through so check back on a regular basis or better still, sign up to our newsletter for updates.  We offer some of the best part exchange prices and make sure every instrument is thoroughly checked and setup prior to sale.

At Musicstreet we can offer you a part exchange on your used guitars for something new from our stock.
We always have various pre-owned Acoustic and Electric guitars so if it's a bargain you're after then check back here often

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find used guitars?

You can find used guitars at various music shops, including Musicstreet, which often has a selection of pre-owned instruments. Additionally, online marketplaces and local classified ads can be good sources for used guitars. It's important to inspect and play a used guitar or have an experienced player do so on your behalf before purchasing.

2. Are used guitars UK a good option for beginners?

Absolutely! Used guitars UK can be a great option for beginners as they often come at a lower price than new ones. This makes it more affordable to start learning on a quality instrument. Beginners should look for used guitars that are in good condition to ensure a pleasant learning experience.

3. How can I find used guitar shops near me?

To find used guitar shops near me, you can start with a simple online search or use local directories. Music shops like Musicstreet often offer a range of used guitars, and the staff can provide valuable advice on choosing the right one for your needs and budget.

4. What should I look for when buying a used Electric Guitar?

When buying a used Electric Guitar, check for any signs of damage or excessive wear, such as cracks, warping, or issues with the electronics. Ensure the neck is straight, the frets are in good condition, and the guitar stays in tune. Testing the guitar through an amplifier is also essential to check the sound and functionality of all the electronic components.

5. Is it a good idea to buy a used Acoustic Guitar?

Buying a used Acoustic Guitar can be a great idea, especially if you're looking for a quality instrument at a lower price. Inspect the guitar for any structural issues, such as cracks, loose bracing, or a lifting bridge, and ensure it has a comfortable action and produces a clear, resonant sound.

6. Are used Bass Guitars readily available?

Yes, used Bass Guitars are readily available at many music shops and online platforms. They can be an excellent choice for new players or those looking to expand their collection without the higher cost of a new instrument. As with any used instrument, assess its condition and playability carefully.

7. Can I find Classical guitars in the Guitar Store?

Classical guitars are frequently found in the Guitar Store and can represent excellent value. Look for signs of good maintenance, such as a clean, intact body, a straight neck, and smooth, playable action. It's also important to listen to the sound quality, as classical guitars should produce a warm, full tone.





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