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The McCarty 594 is a vintage-inspired instrument that is at once incredibly familiar and effortlessly playable. Whether you are looking for rich, authentic, vintage humbucking tones or nuanced, sweet singlecoil sounds, the McCarty 594 can seamlessly master both sonic territories thanks to the 58/15 LT pickups and push/pull coil taps on the tone controls.

About PRS McCarty Guitars

PRS McCarty guitars including the PRS McCarty and PRS SE McCarty 594 are special guitars made by Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars. They are named after Ted McCarty, a very important person in the history of electric guitars. These guitars are known for being very well-made and having a great design. They mix old and new styles of making guitars.

These guitars have a unique look and feel. They often have a thicker back part, which helps the guitar sound better for longer. They have a neck length that is a mix of two famous guitar types, Gibson and Fender. The neck of the guitar is easy to hold, and you can reach the high notes easily. They use good quality wood like mahogany and rosewood or maple for different parts of the guitar.

The parts on the guitar, like the tremolo system and tuners, are made by PRS. They help the guitar stay in tune and sound right. The guitars usually have PRS's own pickups, which are the parts that pick up the sound from the strings. These pickups are clear and balanced, good for many types of music.

In short, Paul Reed Smith McCarty guitars are a great choice for musicians. They are well-made, sound great, and are good for many types of music.

Why Choose a PRS McCarty Guitar?

  • Quality Craftsmanship: PRS McCarty guitars are known for their high-quality build. They are made with great care and attention to detail.
  • Versatile Sound: These guitars have a versatile sound that works well for many types of music, from rock to jazz.
  • Good Sustain: The thicker back design of the McCarty models helps to increase the guitar's sustain, meaning the notes you play will ring out longer.
  • Comfortable to Play: The neck and fretboard are designed for comfort, making it easier to play, especially for longer periods.
  • Stable Tuning: With PRS's own tremolo system and locking tuners, these guitars stay in tune well, which is very useful during performances.
  • Unique Design: The mix of vintage and modern design elements makes PRS McCarty guitars stand out visually and in terms of performance.
  • Great for Recording and Live Performances: Their clear sound and reliable tuning make them a good choice for both studio recording and live shows.
  • Durable: These guitars are built to last, making them a good long-term investment for serious guitar players.
  • Ted McCarty’s Legacy: Owning a Paul Reed Smith guitar model is also a way to connect with the history and legacy of Ted McCarty, an influential figure in the guitar world.
  • Wide Range of Tones: With PRS pickups, these guitars offer a wide range of tones, suitable for different playing styles and preferences.

Key Specifications Enhancing the McCarty 594's Tone and Feel

A 24.594” scale length, just slightly longer than 24.5” and where the model gets its name. 58/15 LT pickups. LT, meaning low turns, gives the guitar a warm, clear tone. 2 volume and 2 tone controls are positioned so players can roll off both volume knobs at the same time.

The added versatility of push/pull coil taps for each pickup for more tonal options A Pattern Vintage neck carve, which shares the same width measurements as PRS’s Pattern neck but is slightly thicker front to back and features an asymmetrical carve with a little less meat on the treble side and a little more meat on the bass side of the neck.

Tweaked Phase III tuners have an added set screw that pulls the tuner’s gear and worm together (while “locking” over the worm to prevent slipping) to promote tone transfer from the string directly into the guitar with as little energy as possible being detracted.

Why you should buy PRS Mccarty From Musicstreet Store?

  • Expert Advice: At Musicstreet Store, our knowledgeable staff can provide personalized guidance to help you choose the perfect PRS McCarty guitar for your needs.
  • Authentic Products: Every PRS McCarty guitar we sell is authentic and comes with a guarantee of quality from PRS.
  • After-Sales Support: We offer comprehensive after-sales support, including setup, maintenance, and any assistance you may need with your guitar, ensuring a long-lasting and satisfying ownership experience.
  • Try Before You Buy: In our physical store, customers can try out the PRS McCarty guitars, allowing them to feel and hear the quality first-hand before making a purchase.
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1. Are PRS Mccarty guitars good?

Yes, PRS McCarty guitars are good. They are known for their high quality, great sound, and comfortable playing. Many guitarists like them for their mix of modern and traditional styles.

2. Who is PRS McCarty named for?

PRS McCarty guitars are named after Ted McCarty. He was an important figure in the history of electric guitars and was the president of Gibson Guitar Corporation in the 1950s and 1960s. This series pays homage to his contributions, featuring models like the PRS se McCarty 594 and PRS hollowbody guitars known for their precision and craftsmanship

3. What pickups are in PRS Mccarty?

PRS McCarty guitars often come with pickups made by PRS themselves, like the 58/15 or 85/15 models. These pickups are designed to give a clear, rich, and versatile sound. They are good for many styles of music, from soft tunes to louder rock sounds, because they capture the guitar's natural tone very well.

4. What are the most popular PRS guitar series?

The most popular PRS guitar series are:
PRS Modern Eagle V
PRS Wood Library
PRS McCarty
PRS Bolt-On Series
PRS Custom 22
PRS SE Series
These series offer a wide range of options, from high-end custom models to more affordable and versatile guitars, accommodating the needs of various guitar players.