Korg Pitchclip 2 Clip-On Guitar Tuner

Suitable for Electric/Acoustic/Bass Guitars, Ukulele's, Violins etc.

The Korg Pitchclip 2 Tuner is a new and improved version of the original Korg Pitch Clip Tuner, offering a stylish and compact design with an enlarged screen, high-quality tuning precision, improved sensitivity, and enhanced holding power. Additionally, with its sleek and compact design, the player is able to easily transport the Korg Pitch Clip 2 to gig and studio environments, or simply pop it in their pocket for use on-the-go. This revolutionary design is incredibly simple and easy to read thanks to its improved LED display and enlarged screen, making tuning up or down quick, precise, and easy. The Korg Pitch Clip 2 also has enhanced holding power with rubber grips to ensure that the tuner stays firmly and securely attached to the headstock, allowing for incredibly accurate tuning. Lastly, the Korg Pitch Clip 2 Tuner also offers a 24-hour battery life with an auto-power-off function.

Improved Clip Mechanism

Korg have endured numerous trials to improve the Pitch Clip's mechanism and holding power, resulting in a 140 percent improvement to the holding power in comparison to the previous model. Additionally, the improved clip mechanism and enhanced holding power ensures the tuner stays firmly attached to the headstock, preventing the likeliness of it falling off. The 140 percent improvement to the holding power has also increased accuracy by providing a secure connection. Furthermore, the Korg Pitch Clip also has rubber grips that protect the player's instrument, whether it be an acoustic or electric guitar, bass guitar, or ukulele, the Korg Pitch Clip 2 is designed for use with any instrument.

Compact & Stylish Design

The Korg Pitch Clip 2 Tuner carries on the original Pitch Clip design, with a compact, easy-to-use functionality, designed to perform anywhere. Additionally, the Pitch Clip 2 offers a thinner display with a more simplistic, stylish design. The Pitch Clip also has an enlarged screen, resulting in better visibility that belies the unit's compact size. In addition, the Pitch Clip 2 can be adjusted at a 120-degree angle, enabling the player to view the screen in their most natural and comfortable position with optimal visibility.

Easy-to-Read LED Display

With an improved LED screen, the player is certain to quickly achieve precise tuning of the desired pitch with ease. Additionally, the Pitch Clip 2's left and right LEDs flash alongside the center LED, ensuring the player knows when they are in the correct pitch. Furthermore, the improved LED display also ensures precise and easy tuning whether practicing in a brightly-lit environment or tuning within dark, dim backstage rooms, the Korg Pitch Clip 2 ensures precision and brilliant visibility.

Improved Detection Accuracy

Korg have thoroughly tested the mounting location of the piezo sensor to try improve detection accuracy, resulting in Korg achieving an incredible boost to the tuner's detection sensitivity, especially within the low frequency region. Additionally, this improvement is more noticeable for DADGAD and various other drop tunings. Furthermore, the 5 or 6 string bass player is certain to adore the Korg Pitch Clip 2, providing stable and precise tuning to an instruments that have been previously classed as 'problematic' for stable tuning.

Reverse Function

For the left handed player or the player who likes to attach their tuner to the back side of the headstock, this idyllic, affordable, and compact unit offers a reverse function that vertically inverts the meter display. To achieve this, hold and press the switch to vertically invert the meter display, providing the player with visibility and precision whether attached to the front or back of the headstock, designed to meet the player's needs.

Battery Life

The Korg Pitch Clip 2 Tuner comes with a widely-available lithium coin cell battery that provides the player with approximately 24-hours of continuous use, perfect for long recording sessions and busy musicians with multiple gigs. Furthermore, the Pitch Clip 2 also features an incredibly useful auto-power-off function, which after approximately three minutes automatically turns off the power when no sound is detected.


  • Detection Range: AO (27.5Hz) - C8 (4186Hz
  • Detection Accuracy: +/-1 Cent
  • Power Supply: CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Battery Life: Approx. 24 Hours (A4 Input)
  • Colour: Black
  • Model: Pitch Clip 2


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