The Magic of Lowden Guitars: A Look at the Famous Guitarists Who Swear by Them

lowden guitars

For over 40 years, Lowden guitars have been synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, and unparalleled tonality. From the intimate stages of coffeehouses to the grandest arenas, Lowden guitars have been the trusted companions of renowned guitarists around the world. In this blog, we will explore the illustrious world of Lowden guitars and the famous guitarists who have embraced these instruments, shaping the soundscape of popular music.

  1. Alex Lifeson:

Alex Lifeson, the guitarist of legendary rock band Rush, has been a loyal Lowden player for many years. Lifeson's preferred model is the Lowden O-25, which features a unique fan-bracing design that enhances its tonal clarity and sustain. The guitar's balanced tonality, effortless playability, and unparalleled projection allow Lifeson to create his signature guitar tones, ranging from melodic ballads to blistering solos.

  1. Eric Clapton:

Eric Clapton's love affair with guitars is well documented, and his collection of instruments is the stuff of legends. Among his prized possessions is a Lowden O-32, which he used to record his acclaimed album "Unplugged." Clapton praised the guitar's exceptional tonal balance, warm projection, and outstanding playability, making it the perfect instrument for his delicate and emotive acoustic performances.

  1. Pierre Bensusan:

Pierre Bensusan is a French-Algerian guitarist known for his virtuosic fingerstyle playing and innovative approach to guitar music. Bensusan has been a long-time collaborator of George Lowden and has played numerous Lowden guitars throughout his career. His preferred model is the Lowden F35, which features a unique cutaway design that enables him to explore the guitar's upper register with unmatched precision and expression.

  1. Ed Sheeran:

Ed Sheeran's affinity for Lowden guitars is no secret. Sheeran famously owns several Lowden guitars, including the Lowden W50, which he used to record his hit song "Shape of You." The guitar's clear and articulate tonality, coupled with its comfortable playability, enables Sheeran to create his signature percussive style and captivating melodies, making it an essential component of his live performances. Ed worked closely with Lowden to produce a more affordable range of guitars under his own name 'Sheeran by Lowden' are a great compromise if you're on a budget.

  1. Gary Lightbody:

Gary Lightbody, the lead vocalist and guitarist of Snow Patrol, has been a longtime Lowden player. Lightbody's preferred model is the Lowden F23, which he describes as the "most beautiful guitar in the world." The guitar's bright and clear tonality, excellent sustain, and exceptional responsiveness make it a perfect fit for Lightbody's emotive and evocative songwriting.

Lowden guitars have carved a niche for themselves in the guitar world, earning the admiration of some of the most prominent guitarists of our time. From the soaring solos of Alex Lifeson to the percussive rhythms of Ed Sheeran, these artists have found solace and inspiration in the harmonious embrace of their Lowden guitars. As Lowden guitars continue to evolve and innovate, future generations of guitarists will undoubtedly be inspired to create their own musical masterpieces with these revered instruments.