Who is playing Duesenberg guitars?

Robbie Mcintosh

Which guitarists are playing Duesenberg guitars?

Duesenberg guitars have gained a reputation for their exceptional craftsmanship, unique designs, and incredible sound. Many renowned guitarists have chosen Duesenberg as their instrument of choice. Here are some of the guitarists who are rocking the stage with their Duesenberg guitars:

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh, the legendary guitarist of the Eagles, is another avid Duesenberg player. His bluesy and rock-infused playing style is beautifully showcased on his Duesenberg Starplayer TV guitar. Walsh's powerful riffs and soulful solos resonate with the timeless elegance of a Duesenberg.

Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell, the lead guitarist of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, is known for his tasteful and versatile playing. Campbell's choice of a Duesenberg Fullerton Elite guitar adds a touch of sophistication to his already impressive guitar skills. His melodic lines and catchy hooks come alive with the help of a Duesenberg.

Peter Stroud

Peter Stroud, the guitarist for Sheryl Crow, is a true connoisseur of tone. Stroud's preference for a Duesenberg Paloma guitar is evident in his dynamic and expressive playing. Whether he's playing blues, rock, or country, Stroud's Duesenberg helps him achieve the perfect balance of clarity and warmth.

Robbie McIntosh

Robbie McIntosh, the former guitarist for Paul McCartney and John Mayer, is a highly sought-after session musician. McIntosh's choice of a Duesenberg Starplayer TV guitar is a testament to the instrument's versatility. His soulful playing and impeccable technique shine through with the help of a Duesenberg.

Ron Wood

Ron Wood, the legendary guitarist of the Rolling Stones, is known for his energetic and bluesy playing style. Wood's choice of a Duesenberg 49er guitar adds a touch of vintage elegance to his iconic sound. With a Duesenberg in his hands, Wood continues to inspire generations of guitarists.

Mike Ness

Mike Ness, the frontman of Social Distortion, is known for his punk-infused rockabilly sound. Ness's choice of a Duesenberg Mike Ness Signature guitar perfectly captures his rebellious spirit. With a Duesenberg in his hands, Ness continues to push the boundaries of rock and roll.

Jesse Hughes

Jesse Hughes, the frontman of Eagles of Death Metal, is a charismatic and energetic performer. Hughes's choice of a Duesenberg Starplayer III guitar adds a touch of elegance to his high-octane playing style. With a Duesenberg in his hands, Hughes effortlessly blends rock, blues, and punk into a unique sonic experience.

These are just a few of the incredible guitarists who have chosen Duesenberg guitars as their weapon of choice. Whether it's blues, rock, pop, or country, Duesenberg guitars continue to inspire and empower musicians around the world.