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Line 6

Line6 have been at the forefront of digital amp modelling since their inception in 1996. Their innovative products have revolutionised the guitar industry, with the POD line and Spider amps achieving great success from the early 00s to present. more recently the Helix range has taken the world by storm and is use on many stages and theatres around the world


Established just in 1996, Line 6 embarked on a mission to blend the capabilities of modern technology with the virtues of vintage electronics. In the same year, they revolutionized the guitar world by introducing the first digital modeling amp, allowing guitarists to replicate the distinctive tones of the world's most renowned amps. Line 6's iconic products, like the pocket pod, further empowered guitarists to unleash a rockstar sound on the go, thanks to its compact and portable design.

Beyond the awareness of most non-musicians lies a crucial fact: the last five decades of guitar amplifier technology have wielded a more significant influence on the history of rock music than the electric guitar itself. Each unique amp and effect design aimed to distort and color the guitar signal in distinctive ways, contributing immensely to the varied sounds of iconic bands like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, or Pink Floyd. In the mid-1990s, Line 6 stepped up to cater to the contemporary guitarist's needs, leveraging technology to transform a diverse range of exceptional tones into a reality for every player.