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The Gibson ES series of semi-acoustic guitars

(hollow body electric guitars) are manufactured by the Gibson Guitar Corporation.

The letters ES stand for Electric Spanish, to distinguish them from Hawaiian-style lap steel guitars which are played flat on the lap. Many of the original numbers referred to the price, in dollars, of the model. Suffixes in the names indicate additional appointments, for example "T" means "thinline" (a thinner profile than most) while "D" means "double pickup".

Many of the models come with f-holes, though some, such as B.B. King's signature Lucille series, are made without f-holes. Some models are full-bodied models, while single- and double-cutaways are also available.

Two different styles of cutaways are used, both named by Gibson after Italian cities. Florentine models had a sharper, more pointed end on the cutaway, while more rounded and contoured cutaways were called Venetian style

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Gibson ES series of semi-acoustic guitars?

The Gibson ES series is a renowned lineup of semi-acoustic guitars crafted by Gibson, one of the most prestigious guitar manufacturers in the world. These guitars are celebrated for their superb craftsmanship, rich tone, and versatile playability.

2. What makes Gibson semi-acoustic guitars stand out as the best semi-acoustic guitars?

Gibson semi-acoustic guitars are often regarded as the best semi-acoustic guitars due to their exceptional build quality, premium materials, and iconic sound. The combination of a hollow body design with electric guitar features makes them highly desirable instruments for a wide range of musical styles.

3. Where can I find Gibson semi-acoustic guitars in the UK?

For those seeking Gibson semi acoustic guitars in the UK, reputable guitar shops like Musicstreet are an excellent destination. Musicstreet is known for offering a diverse selection of guitars, including models from the esteemed Gibson ES series.

4. Are Gibson semi-acoustic guitars suitable for both electric and acoustic performances?

Yes, Gibson semi-acoustic guitars are versatile instruments that excel in both electric and acoustic settings. Their hollow body design provides a warm, resonant tone that is well-suited for jazz, blues, rock, and various other genres.

5. Can I purchase a Gibson semi-acoustic guitar at Musicstreet?

Absolutely! Musicstreet is renowned as one of the best guitar shops in the UK, and they often stock a range of Gibson semi-acoustic guitars for enthusiasts and professional musicians alike. You can explore their selection both online and in-store.