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MXR Joshua Ambient Echo

The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo is an exceptional piece of music technology that pushes the boundaries of guitar effects, enabling musicians to explore new dimensions of sound. Suitable for both... See more


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The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo is an exceptional piece of music technology that pushes the boundaries of guitar effects, enabling musicians to explore new dimensions of sound. Suitable for both studio recording and live performances, it provides a variety of features, allowing users to manipulate sounds and create a broad spectrum of delay effects. The pedal's six adjustable knobs control various parameters including delay time, mod, voice, regen, division, and mix, offering enhanced control and flexibility to the user.

Furthermore, the MXR Joshua Ambient Echo boasts of multiple operating modes such as TAP tempo mode, Trails mode, and Stereo Output mode which add versatility to the user's playing style. The TAP tempo mode offers a rhythmic variation, whilst the Trails mode lets the delays trail off as per the Regen level setting. Its stereo output feature stands out in the market, enabling a more robust and immersive soundscape. With the ability to return to factory settings, users can experiment fearlessly, knowing they can always reset to the original settings if desired. This advanced delay pedal is truly a game-changer for any guitarist looking to elevate their sound.

Full Description

Variable bypass

By default the Joshua Echo funciton in True Bypass mode - however, when you activate Trails mode it will switch to a Buffered Bypass system, helping maintain the clarity of your echoes across a long signal chain.

Add in a 1/4 note second echo

The MXR M309 Joshua Echo pedal offers an additional 1/4 note second echo, providing musicians with the option to add depth and ambience to their sound. This feature is particularly useful for creating a lush atmosphere in performances or recordings.

Tap Tempo and Trails Mode

The Tap Tempo function on the bypass switch allows users to easily set their desired rhythm, making it a versatile pedal for live performances. The Trails Mode adds an extra level of control by allowing the delays to trail off according to the Regen level setting, providing a more natural and seamless sound.

Intuitive Controls

The MXR M309 Joshua Echo pedal features intuitive controls that enable users to switch the Trails function on or off and shape the exact character of their delay. This allows for endless possibilities in creating unique and personalised sound profiles.

CTR jack and expression pedal input

This pedal also offers the option to connect an MXR tap switch to the CTR jack, allowing users to set the delay time based on their chosen rhythmic value. Additionally, there is an expression pedal input that adds even more versatility by allowing users to control different parameters of the delay effect in real-time.

TRS stereo out

With a TRS stereo output, the MXR M309 Joshua Echo offers users the option to create a wide and immersive soundscape. This feature is not commonly found in similar products, making this pedal stand out in the market.

Software Version Number

The MXR M309 Joshua Echo pedal has an added bonus feature of displaying its software version number. By turning all knobs to maximum and holding down the main foot switch for ten seconds while applying power, users can access this information.


  • Effect Type: Delay
  • Controls: Delay Time, MOD, Voice, Regen, Division, Mix
  • Footswitches: Bypass/TAP Tempo mode foot switch
  • Input: 1 x 1/4"
  • Output: 1 x 1/4" (TRS Stereo Out)
  • Power: 9V DC center-negative power supply (not included)
  • Current Draw: 90mA
  • TAP Switch Rate: 250ms to 5000ms
  • Bypass Type: True Bypass/Buffered Bypass switchable

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