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Source Audio Soulman

Scene Mode
The Soleman MIDI Foot Controller is equipped with three individual modes that let you achieve the perfect sound including Scene, List and Panel. Scene Mode allows you to scroll through programs in sequential order,... See more


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Scene Mode
The Soleman MIDI Foot Controller is equipped with three individual modes that let you achieve the perfect sound including Scene, List and Panel. Scene Mode allows you to scroll through programs in sequential order, as well as output Program Change messages, Note On messages, or Macros. Scene is the simplest mode in this unit and matches the functionality of most basic MIDI controllers on the market.
Scenes store preset information for multiple effects pedals in the same system, with the benefit of being able to save and recall those presets all at the same time with a single program change message. This is an ideal tool for guitarists who have many different sounds.
List Mode
List Mode is similar to Scene Mode in many ways as scenes can be selected using the Previous and Next footswitches, and each scene will output a corresponding MIDI Program Change message. List Mode allows the user to have complete control of the order of the Scenes. In addition, users can create up to 64 custom Lists, each containing up to 90 Scenes giving you room to tailor your own unique sound.
Panel Mode
The final mode is Panel Mode, which is also the most powerful and flexible operating mode of the Soleman unit. Whilst using Panel mode, each footswitch can send a completely customizable MIDI message when it is activated, as well as a different MIDI message when it is deactivated. Panel mode allows the user to create a control surface that is highly customized for their specific needs.
USB Capability
The Source Audio Soleman MIDI Foot Controller is equipped with USB capability and allows users to connect a computer (Mac or Windows) to the Soleman’s USB port using a standard mini USB cable. When using this USB section, the Soleman will be automatically recognised by Mac and Windows computers for a quick and easy connection. With its USB capabilities, the Soleman has a USB-MIDI MIDI interface for direct control of MIDI-compatible software such as DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), virtual instruments, synths, or VST plugins.
Expression Input
The expression input allows the user to use a passive expression pedal to generate MIDI continuous controller messages in a very flexible manner, providing direct expressive control over MIDI-compatible devices and software. In addition, the Soleman has an Expression Calibration function which makes it compatible with expression pedals that have a wide range of different resistances.
LCD Screen
As well as providing a versatile unit for achieving the perfect sound, the Soleman also features a high-contrast LCD which is visible in light conditions ranging from a dark stages to direct sunlight. This convenient display screen shows relevant information about scenes, set lists, MIDI configuration, expression outputs, and other modes for easy navigation.
• Four Footswitches—Use the footswitches to scroll through presets, launch individual MIDI messages, step through set lists, or trigger highly customizable MIDI macros
• Configure footswitch functionality with any of the Soleman’s three useful control modes.
• Scene Mode allows you to scroll through all of the Soleman’s 128 Scenes in order with the onboard foot switches
• List Mode lets you arrange scenes in any order and step through them in sequence, with up to 64 Lists, each containing up to 90 scenes
• Panel Mode lets you store up to 64 “Panels.” Within each panel, assign specific functions to each of the four footswitches like Program Change, Continuous Controller, and Note On/Off messages. Or assign multiple commands to a single footswitch with macro messages
• Create custom names for individual scenes which are easily read on dark stages via the pedal’s high-contrast LCD display
• USB Editor Software runs on Windows / Mac and connects to the Soleman via USB
• Connect to up to two external hardware MIDI devices directly to the SoleMan using the standard 5-pin DIN connectors
• The Soleman is a USB MIDI device that can be used in digital audio workstation (DAW) software or to control software synthesizers and virtual instruments. It is compatible with built-in drivers on all supported operating systems, so no additional driver installation is required.
• An expression input accepts a passive expression pedal and converts it to Continuous Controller (CC) MIDI messages on the MIDI outputs
• Tap Tempo switch allows you to create on-the-fly MIDI clock messages, which can be simultaneously distributed to all connected pedals, rack systems and software
• External Switch Port alllows for an additional two-footswitch controller to make navigation more convenient.
• Includes 9v DC power supply
• Anodized Aluminum Housing is ideal for day to day use
• Dimensions: L: 10.5 in./26.7cm x W: 3.75 in./9.5cm x H: 2.75 in./7cm
• Weight: 2.2 lb./1 kg
• Power Output: 300mA / Negative tip / Pedal draws 80mA

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