dgt15 amp head & cab



If you’re looking for an amp that’s got all the magic of a lower-wattage vintage tube amp, yet, versatile enough to be used in modern recording and performance settings, then check out the new PRS DGT 15 amp head and DGT 15 1x12 cabinetDesigned from the ground up by PRS’ Doug Sewell to rival David Grissom’s own favorite vintage amps, the PRS DGT 15 comes packed with tone-sculpting features to go from sparkling cleans to heavy overdrive, offering a range of Texas-style tones that transcend the limitations of typical single-channel amps. 
dgt15 amp head & cab

A Partnership story

Since the 1980s, David Grissom has remained a long-term artist collaborator with PRS guitars and began collaborating on PRS amps in the early 2000s. His extensive experience using vintage gear, paired with PRS’ depth of understanding of guitar/amplifier manufacturing, led to the creation of one of the brand’s most popular electric guitar models—the DGT (David Grissom Tremolo) both in the PRS Cores series and SE series—as well as the earlier DGT Custom 30 amplifier.“When it comes to the tone and features, we did most of the heavy lifting more than a decade ago with the DG Custom 30,” said David Grissom. “I’ve got to give it to Doug Sewell and PRS for how thoughtfully the DGT 15 was designed. Doug was meticulous and creative with updating some of the features while remaining true to the DNA of the Custom 30. From the first time I played through it, I was blown away!”

PRS DGT 15 Amplifier Head

It’s not just the controls, but the combination of the controls and control parameters, that bring out this amp’s extreme functional versatility. Featuring a 3-band tone stack (treble, middle, bass), the DGT 15 also includes a three-position bright switch, boost, reverb, top cut, and presence front-panel control. To let guitarists more intricately manipulate the upper end of the amp’s frequency spectrum, the bright switch can be set to on, off, or on except when Boost is engaged, while the Master Volume can be set to on, off, or only when Boost is engaged.

Putting the “T” in DGT 15, this amp head/cabinet pairing comes equipped with an old-school tremolo circuit that oscillates the power tube bias, and this oscillating tremolo effect can be dialed in precisely to the guitar player’s preference with speed and depth front panel controls. And, the included three-button footswitch gives guitarists hands-free on/off switches for boost, reverb, and tremolo at the tip of their toes!