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At MusicStreet UK we love doing Part Exchange deals with you. This means we often have a great selection of used, but definitely pre-loved instruments for sale, from some of the best loved and known manufacturers from around the world. Whether it is a simple effects pedal for the beginner or a high-end guitar for that special purchase!

Over the years we have tried many shipping companies and have found that our partners at DPD are the best for making sure your new pride and joy arrives with you in good time (standard delivery is next working day) and more importantly in one piece! With our great choice of over 100 guitars, more than 30 amplifiers from various worldwide manufacturers, including some handwired British amps and the ability to source most brands, we are confident you will not be disappointed.

We offer, what we feel and have seen as, some of the lowest prices on stock found anywhere in the UK. As we buy products in bulk from distributors we can pass the savings back to you. We do not, however, substitute quality for offering the cheapest prices. Each guitar or accessory that leaves our warehouse has passed the quality tests from our in-house technicians. 

Whether over the phone, in our shop, or through email we pride ourselves in offering unparalleled levels of response and information. We're well aware that issues, though minimised, can develop with instruments or delivery services. With this in mind, we offer a response rate second-to-none in the industry.

Contact us at MusicStreet for more information or to ask us any questions on our stock of our used gear.