We sometimes buy gear outright, part exchange , but can also sell on commission on your behalf.

Let us take the hassle out of selling your gear and leave you free to concentrate on what you do best. We can deal with all aspects of selling on your behalf, taking care of cleaning, servicing & setup (cost will be incurred), marketing, payment, packing and shipping along the way.

With many years in business we achieve good prices worldwide via our multiple sales channels (personal contact, regular customer base, website, social media,)

Why not take a look round the studio or house for instruments & effects gathering dust and let us turn them into cash, or credit to spend with us in the future.

Please note that we do not usually handle items valued at less than £500 on commission,


If we are selling on your behalf, we must hold the item here. We need to test, clean, photograph, pack and send the gear we sell, and do so to our high standards; our reputation rests on this. If a problem arises after sale, we need to be able to resolve it quickly. Our customers expect nothing less.

We may charge a listing fee if you should change your mind and take your item back, this would cover any servicing/ setups, restringing we may have had to do, additional marketing costs ie google shopping. Please get in touch for our rates and full details.

  • Please check gear for faults thoroughly before sending and be transparent in your description -always advise us if any work is required as this may affect our commission rate and our decision about handling the sale. It serves no-one if we overreach ourselves and cannot offer an efficient service. Our techs are very busy and any spare capacity we may have is required for unforeseen and emergency repairs.
  • We will consider selling items that require work, but this is at our discretion and may incur a surcharge or higher commission rate to reflect the extra handling.
  • If an item arrives requiring work before sale and without our prior knowledge, we will request that the item either be offered for sale at a discount, or be returned to the sender – a handling fee will be charged (see below).
  • We accept no responsibility for damage incurred in transit in any circumstances, even when we have arranged the collection – it is up to the sender to ensure items are adequately-packed for shipping. The admin time required to deal with shipping insurance claims is prohibitive: it is better to spend time and money on good packing than insurance. 
  • Our standard rate for consignment sales is 25% of sale price plus VAT. 
  • We don’t charge extra handling/packing fees unless an item has required service work without prior arrangement.
  • We ask that you don't advertise your item on any other platform if we are selling it on your behalf as these 3rd parties do not offer the same warranty and service we do, if it's listed at a different price to what we advertise it for it makes one of us look expensive. we like to be transparent.
  • We hold payments for a minimum of 14 days after confirmation of receipt by the customer to allow for any returns under EU legislation (and our standard warranty terms). We aim to settle accounts within 14 days thereafter.dd