Quick and Easy Tips to Keep Your Guitar in Top Condition

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To be the best guitarist you can be, you should be adept at cleaning and maintaining your guitars, amplifiers, and all the other gear on which you depend. Cracks in your guitar's finish, corrosion on your strings, and faulty tubes in your amp will all adversely affect how well you can play and how long it will be before you need to replace something. You'll want to keep all your gear clean, store your guitars properly, replace any broken or worn parts, and take care not to damage any of your equipment. Keeping up with all these aspects of maintenance will help you play better than ever and prolong the life of each of your important instruments so that you can bring out their best when it really counts.

Quick and Easy Tips to Keep Your Guitar in Top Condition

1 - Don't get your guitar wet 

When you play in the rain, snow, or even after a hot shower, you can put your guitar at risk. Keep a towel handy, and if you finish playing in the rain, wipe your guitar down before going inside. Avoid opening the guitar case in a steamy shower or hot car. If you have a guitar in a case and it's exposed to any kind of liquid, you can cause serious damage.

2 - Don't expose it to the elements

To protect your investment from the elements, keep your guitar in a case when you're not playing it. Even the most expensive guitar will dry out and crack if you leave it out in the sun with the case open. Also, avoid leaving your guitar in your car on a hot day, as it will get hot enough inside to warp the bottom edge. Similarly, when you're not playing your guitar in a humid climate, keep the case zipped shut. 

3 - Avoid cheap guitar straps

Cheap guitar straps can be bad for your guitar. The weight of your guitar can pull the strap out of the bridge, causing the saddle to lift, which can lead to damage. Also, avoid the temptation to stretch your strap by the bottom of the guitar, where the strings are located.

4 - Keep the guitar neck clean and lubricated

Clean your guitar neck regularly with a cloth. Clean any built-up dirt and grime from the frets as they can wear down your strings. To protect your guitar from further damage, use a guitar wax or a polish and apply it to the guitar body and back of the neck (lacquered instruments only).  Fingerboard oil is also good for keeping the fretboard of rosewood and ebony in tip top shape.

5 - Keep it away from heat and moisture

Avoid using humidifiers in the room where you store your guitar. Also, keep the guitar out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, such as radiators or space heaters. 


Playing the guitar is as much about knowing your instrument as it is about being a great musician. To get the most out of your time and money, keep your guitar in good shape by following these tips. You'll be able to play for years to come, and the best part is, you'll do it with a great instrument.

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