What Do Bassists Think About Music Man Basses?

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If you've been stopping by music stores to search for the perfect guitar, perhaps you've heard of the Music Man bass guitar. After all, most bassists refer to this guitar as the "holy grail" of bass guitars because of its excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, and amazing tone. In fact, great bass players like John Entwistle, Geddy Lee, Les Claypool, and Jaco Pastorius endorse them.

Music Man bass guitars have set the bar high for bass guitar manufacturing. These instruments are built with quality and are made to last a lifetime. Aside from that, they have one of the most reliable QA records compared to other companies. You seldom hear complaints about a specific Music Man series or year of manufacture. 

How Great Is the Bass Tone on the Music Man? 

The bass tone refers to the overall sound that the instrument produces. A great bass tone has the perfect mix of highs and lows, and the overall sound is clear and crisp. The Music Man bass guitar has a great style that is perfect for rock and metal music.

The crux of the Music Man bass guitar is that it is a versatile guitar that you can use for various genres of music. It has a deep, rich sound that is perfect for rock and metal music, but it can also produce a clear, crisp sound that is perfect for jazz and funk music. The EQ curve on the Music Man bass guitar is specifically designed to allow the instrument to be versatile.

Changing the Music Man’s Timbre

It can be quite a challenge for any bassist to change the timbre of the music man bass guitar. However, with a good amplifier, you can do it quite easily. Generally, the amplifier will allow you to change the instrument's sound using different settings.

The first setting on the amplifier is the clean channel. This channel is used when the bassist wants to produce a clean sound. The second setting on the amplifier is the overdrive channel. This channel is used when the bassist wants to make a distorted sound.

Another thing you can do is to cut back on the MM character and play with the EQ. This will allow you to change the sound of the instrument by adjusting the frequency of the sound.

The Music Man Stingray’s Quality

If you're thinking of buying a Music Man bass guitar, try the Stingray. The Stingray model is one of the most highly-bought bass guitar models from music stores because of its quality. The bass guitar has a solid body that is made from ash wood. Wood is a good material for the guitar because it is durable and can absorb vibrations. This can help the bassist in getting a clear sound. 

It also has a thin profile that is good for the player’s comfort. The maple neck is also connected to the body using a bolt-on construction. This is often used in electric bass guitars because it is sturdy and can provide good playability.

Final Thoughts

Bassists seem to think highly of Music Man basses, praising their playability, comfort, tone, and overall quality. Because of this, they’re often sold out from various music stores. While some models may be out of a bassist's budget, Music Man basses are considered a great investment. 

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