Why Your Guitar Strings Get Dirty and How to make them last longer

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If your guitar strings are dirty, your sound quality could quickly go out the window. Clean strings can improve your sound quality because dirt can affect the sound of the guitar. 

When you are playing your favourite song, you can't afford to lose the rhythm. So, it is important to keep your strings clean so they can play a good tune. But why do guitar strings get dirty in the first place? Knowing why may help you keep your instrument in tip-top shape, and ready for you to rip out songs that make your heart sing. 

Exploring the Common Reasons Guitar Strings Get Dirty 

1. Dirty and Oily Hands

Not washing your hands after your meal can leave some oils on the strings, which is how they get dirty. If you use lotion on your skin, it may also transfer to your guitar strings, making them dirty.

It is very important to keep your hands clean when playing the guitar, as the oils in your hands are transferred onto the strings that you are playing. This can make the sound quality of your guitar not as good as it should be.

2. Not Storing Your Guitar in a Clean Storage Space

If you are not storing your guitar in a clean place or in a case, your strings can become dirty. Dust and dirt can settle on your guitar, which can affect the sound quality of your musical instrument. If your guitar strings are dirty, you may not be able to produce the high-pitched notes that you would like.

3. Corrosion Due to Being Left in a Humid Area

Keeping your guitar in a humid area can cause corrosion. Corrosion is a chemical reaction where one material causes another material to deteriorate. In this case, the metal strings can cause the wood of the guitar to deteriorate. Over time, metal can start to corrode and react with the wood, which can cause the strings to get dirty.

If you want to prevent this from happening, be sure to wipe your guitar clean and dry after playing, then store them in a dry place in your home. 

4. Outdoor Dust and Dander

Dirt and dust are abundant outdoors, which can transfer to your guitar strings. If you leave your guitar on the porch, the dust from outside can settle on your guitar strings. Sand, pollen, and dust are harmful to your guitar. These particles can build up and make your guitar dirty, which can affect the sound.

Simply wiping your guitar strings using a dry, clean cloth can do wonders in keeping your strings in good condition, no matter where you decide to play.

The Bottom Line: Keeping Your Guitar Strings in Perfect Condition

Now that you know the different reasons why your guitar strings can get dirty, you will be able to take better care of your guitar by making sure that you are keeping them clean. These simple steps should keep your guitar in good shape, which will help you sound good, no matter what song you are playing.

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