Are we seeing a possible new Ryan Adams signature Fender Stratocaster?

Are we seeing a possible new Ryan Adams signature Fender Stratocaster?

Anyone in the guitar loving world who follows Ryan Adams at all knows that his guitar collection is quite something, and that he takes a mixture of vintage and modern reissue guitars and amplifiers on tour wherever he goes. But what most people have been talking about and pondering on is whether Ryan will be releasing a signature model in the near future.

Now if you have Mr. Adams on social media you'll know very well this past week he has received something quite cool indeed. So cool in fact it's got us quite excited in the shop here at MusicStreet! His collection over the years has grown and changed from all vintage to only recently playing a lot of 80's era guitars along side his vintage pieces. And so with that said Fender and Ryan Adams have managed to come up with a hair metal inspired prototype Stratocaster that still manages to capture what he is all about, with a hint of the vintage feel with this new model that may or not end up being a production run.

Here's an old Fender advert of what the original Fender HM Stratocaster looked like modelled by the mighty Greg Howe in the 80's:

Now if you haven't got Instagram then here's a picture of what Fender and Ryan Adam's have come up with from his personal Instagram page:

Ryan in this case has chosen to go with the more curved 60's style body shape, but still managed to incorporate the old HM Stratocaster era headstock graphic, with vintage Kluson tuners and a bone nut. Very nice move indeed mixing the modern 80's twist with the 60's classic styling.

We think it works really well, so what do you lovely people out there think of this move by Fender and Ryan? Here's another picture of the body close up with the 3 colour pinstripe and a little hint of the pinstriped pick guard. Discusses a signature electric guitar model, which is directly relevant to electric guitar players.

Let us know what your thoughts are! We hope they do end up bringing this model out. Whether you're a fan of Ryan or not, he does love very tasty guitars and has an amazing collection which you can check out on his Instagram page here or maybe by catching him at a show soon!

Cheers for now people and do check back for more news on the street!