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Boss Effects are probably the most well known brand in the world of Electric Guitar pedals, with an impressive and colourful range of compact stompbox's, loop-stations and multi-effects pedals. Since the 1970s, Boss have been creating compact guitar effects pedals at great value prices for guitarists everywhere, worldwide.

Encompassing  a huge range of Compression, Overdrive, Distortion, Delay, Reverb and Modulation pedals, Boss effects are known for their quality, reliability and road-tough build. Whether you need to fine-tune your tone, or want to explore the endless sonic possibilities of your instrument, Boss effects can help you get there.

BOSS has achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a diverse, world-leading product lineup that includes compact effects processors

Known around the world as the company that put the "stomp" in "stompbox," BOSS is the division of Roland Corporation most easily recognized for its legendary line of colorful guitar and bass effects pedals. But beyond these killer pedals, BOSS has pushed the envelope for over 35 years with innovative multi-effects, loopers, rhythm machines, personal digital studios, and other easy-to-use products for musicians of all types. Simply put, BOSS gives you the creative tools you need to spend less time tweaking and more time playing, making boss effects pedals still the most popular worldwide.

You would be forgiven for thinking that Boss effects are a 'budget' pedal but many a professional rely on their Boss pedals for their tone every night of the week.

In recent years Boss have been under the wing of Roland Electronics, which has enabled Boss to further grow their already impressive range of products, including Amplifiers, recording equipment and ancillary products, all designed and manufactured to the highest of standards.

With Boss being one of the World leaders in guitar effects pedals, recording equipment and amplifiers, we highly recommend this range of products.

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