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What is myMix?

The myMix system provides musicians and engineers with their own personalised monitor feeds, in a solution that is both simple to understand and operate. 

Each myMix Personal Monitor Mixer features an intuitive user interface, has local inputs for microphone (XLR) or line level (1/4" TRS) sources, includes onboard phantom power, and gives each individual complete control over his or her monitor mix. 

All channels can be labeled with meaningful names (e.g. Peter Vocal, John Guitar etc), and are displayed automatically to all myMix users on the network.

Simple and intuitive user interface

Creating your mix is as easy as selecting a name and adjusting the channel, with volume, tone control, pan and stereo FX providing a high level of flexibility. After selecting and combining up to 16 channels (from a maximum of 500 via a network) to create your stereo mix, the signal is then sent to your monitor of choice - headphones, amplifiers, active speakers, or transmitters for wireless IEMs. This stereo mix can also be sent back to the network for others to listen to or mix, or for use as a submix. 

Broadcast quality multi-track recording & playback

Each myMix can record up to 16 audio channels to an SD card, at broadcast quality. These 24-bit / 48kHz wav files can be used in any DAW, or played back and remixed within the myMix itself. Combined with the local inputs, this provides the perfect way to practice at home "with the band".

The channels to select for the mix can be from a myMix IEX16 input expander, other local myMix inputs, other stereo mixes, or the tracks from an SD card in Playback mode. The decentralised system architecture, combined with automatically saved settings, allows you to use myMix for many more applications than personalised monitor mixes.