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PRS (Paul Reed Smith) is a renowned guitar manufacturer known for producing high-quality electric guitars. With a wide range of models, PRS offers something for every guitarist, from beginners to professionals. We will explore the different models of PRS electric guitars and help you find the perfect one for your playing style and preferences.
PRS Custom 24/08 Fire red smokeburst s#0363572 | MusicStreet
Custom 24
PRS DGT - McCarty Sunburst - Rosewood, Flame Maple, Bird Inlays s#0364741 - MusicStreet
PRS 594 Mcarty 594 Charcoal Cherryburst #0357433 - MusicStreet
PRS Modern Eagle V - Black Gold Burst s#0361186 | MusicStreet
Modern Eagle V
PRS Santana Retro - Fire Red Gen III - MusicStreet
USED - PRS Hollowbody II - Faded Whale Blue - MusicStreet

SE Series

The SE Series is PRS guitars entry-level line of electric guitars. Despite being more affordable, these guitars maintain the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that PRS is known for. They are perfect for beginners or players on a budget who still want a reliable and great-sounding instrument.

S2 Series

The S2 Series offers a step up in terms of quality and features. These guitars are made in the United States and provide a higher level of craftsmanship. With versatile tonal options and excellent playability, the S2 Series guitars are suitable for intermediate to advanced players who demand more from their instruments.

Core Series

The Core Series represents the pinnacle of PRS guitars electric guitar lineup. Handcrafted in the PRS factory in Maryland, USA, these guitars are the epitome of quality and precision. The Core Series guitars feature top-of-the-line materials, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional playability. They are the preferred choice of many professional guitarists around the world.

Private Stock

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity, PRS offers the Private Stock line. These guitars are individually crafted by PRS's most skilled luthiers using the finest materials available. Each Private Stock guitar is a unique masterpiece, designed to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the customer. Owning a Private Stock PRS guitar is like owning a piece of art.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, PRS electric guitars have a model that will suit your needs. From the affordable SE Series to the top-of-the-line Core Series and the exclusive Private Stock, PRS offers a wide range of options for every guitarist. Explore the different models, try them out, and find the PRS electric guitar that inspires you to create beautiful music.

PRS Custom 24 or PRS Custom 22 guitars are a true modern classics with a powerful dual-humbucker pickup configuration and Mahogany bodies.

This iconic PRS Custom 24 was the first model that Paul Reed Smith brought to the public at PRS Guitars’ first Winter NAMM show in 1985 and has been a top seller ever since. Played by internationally touring artists, gigging musicians, and aspiring players, the Custom 24 features PRS’s patented Gen III tremolo system and PRS 85/15 pickups with volume and tone controls and a 5-way blade switch. 85/15 pickups were personally designed by Paul Reed Smith to offer remarkable clarity and extended high and low end.

The Custom 24 is the original PRS. Since its introduction, it has offered a unique tonal option for serious players and defined PRS tone and playability.

PRS Custom SE 24 Guitar - Professional Quality. Classic PRS Design.

The PRS SE 24 custom range from PRS also has a custom 24. Built in Korea to the high quality that you expect from a Paul Reed Smith guitar.

The SE Custom 24 features a maple top, mahogany back, wide thin maple neck and rosewood fretboard with bird inlays. The instrument is a modern classic with roadworthy durability, addictive playability, and wide array of tones. The PRS patented molded tremolo bridge and 85/15 ‘S’ pickups are paired with a volume, push/pull tone control, and 3-way blade pickup selector. The guitar has been played by internationally touring artists, gigging musicians, and aspiring players. The guitar is a perfect workhorse that has a wide range of tones, making it a perfect well rounded instrument.

PRS - SE Hollowbody II

The PRS SE Hollowbody II combines the power and stability of a solid-body electric guitar with the captivating resonance of a hollowbody instrument. The 58/15 “S” pickups deliver clarity and balance that sound big and musical in the hollowbody platform. Designed to look as good as it sounds, the SE Hollowbody II also features a figured maple top and back and mahogany sides as well as a mahogany neck (set-neck construction) with PRS trademark bird inlays. Both hollowbody and solidbody players will feel at home with the SE Hollowbody II.

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