we keep this page as a reference to products previously stocked but no longer available. If you are looking for something in particular and don't mind second hand then we can always reach out to customers to see if they want to trade or sell. please get in contact if there is something on your wishlist

Guitars Sold

Something rare or specific?

This page is an archive of used guitars/amps sold by MusicStreet UK and unfortanately are no longer available, however it does give an option to 'wishlist' any of these incase a similar guitar, amp or effect comes into stock.

We also reccomend you contact us  if there is something specific you are looking for or that you want to move on to make way for your new purchase.

As well as part exchange, we also sell on your behalf, taking a small commission - for this you get great attention to detail with the guitar thoroughly checked, setup, cleaned and photographed for cataloguing and addition to our extensive website and more importantly access to our customer database, Social media (we make sure that all used pieces are posted to the major media site with links to the relivant groups/pages, check out our great Facebook page) and shop front.

With our extensive and comprensive customer database, we always have the possibilities of finding you that special piece you have been looking for or your dream guitar. Tony Rawson (Shop owner and company Managing Director) has over 20 years knowledge of the music industry and is synonymous with finding the best pieces possible, coupled with our friendly, knowledgable staff along with the shops reputation of customer satisfaction, making MusicStreet UK your number 1 store for new and used guitars. 

Check put our current selection of Used guitars, amps and effects here.

So check out our range of guitars sold and get in touch with us to find your next special guitar.